OAS Supports Recovery Efforts in Haiti

WASHINGTON, DC – The Organization of American States (OAS) stands ready to support the government and people of Haiti in its recovery efforts, following the passage of Tropical Storm Isaac. Several people were killed, scores injured and thousands were left without shelter, after heavy winds and rain destroyed homes and caused flooding and landslides.

OAS Assistant Secretary General and Chair of the Haiti Task Force Ambassador Albert Ramdin says the OAS has already started discussions with Haitian government and partners in the international community to coordinate the mobilization of resources to secure the relocation of Haiti’s most vulnerable groups.

According to Ramdin, “We fully support the government’s stated goal of relocating the hundreds of thousands of people living in tent cities. The OAS will continue to work with the government and other international partners on this issue. In the last few years the Haitian people have faced multiple and complex problems, yet they have been living examples of hope. We must continue to work together to deliver results.”

Ramdin recognized the efforts by the Haitian government to secure the evacuation of thousands of people to storm shelters before the arrival of Tropical Storm Isaac. Ramdin also noted the support provided by Haiti’s private sector in coordinating country-wide alerts ahead of the storm.

The high ranking OAS official was scheduled to lead a technical mission to Haiti on Sunday, but was forced to postpone his travel due to the passage of Tropical Storm Isaac and the cancellation of flights into Haiti. He is scheduled to travel to Haiti within the next few weeks.

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