North Miami Mayor, Philippe Bien-Aime Signs The Mayors Against Illegal Guns Petition

North Miami Mayor, Philippe Bien-Aime Signs The Mayors Against Illegal Guns Petition
Mayor Bien-Aime diligently working with the City Manager, City Attorney and Chief of Police towards effective strategies to keep North Miami safe.

NORTH MIAMINorth Miami Mayor, Philippe Bien-Aime, released the following statement regarding his position against the nationwide issues of gun violence:

Last week, we tragically witnessed the impact of hate, mixed with the impact of do-nothing politicians refusing to properly address gun violence in our country. 

My sincere thoughts and prayers are with the victims of these horrific mass murders. But as, elected official, my thoughts and prayers are meaningless, if action does not follow.

 On Tuesday Aug. 6, I joined the Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition, adding my name to the list of mayors nationwide, who support and implement gun safety measures.

I have also asked North Miami’s City Attorney to draft legislation to demand action from our state and federal government. We need an assault weapons ban NOW!

We need universal background checks NOW!

We need a ban on high capacity magazines that allow for one person to shoot more than 30 people in less than 60 seconds!

 As a country, we must take action now before the faces illuminated on a poster by the light of a candle is one of our loved ones. Collectively, we have seen the cost of the hate associated with use of assault weapons in just a matter of minutes. We’ve seen it on our television screens and plastered on social media, far too many times. 

Those who want to avoid the necessary action will say that it’s too early to engage in these necessary discussions. They’ll say it’s a complicated issue.

They’ll attempt to convince us that addressing the mental health issues in our state and country will solve the problem.

The truth is, this issue is complicated. The truth is that every additional day that we wait for action, people can die. For me, this is not an arrival point, but a launching point. Leaders take positions. Leaders take action. I was elected to lead North Miami. This is only the beginning.

It’s time that we reclaim control of our government, from the stronghold of the National Rifle Association, and do what is necessary to keep the people of this country safe.”


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