No Brain Drain says St. Lucia’s Labour Commissioner

ST. LUCIA – St. Lucia’s Labour Department’s thrust to source overseas opportunities for unemployed Saint Lucians will not result in a brain drain.

So says St. Lucia’s Labour Commissioner, Mc Stephen Aubertin as he sought to put in context the periodic recruitment drives aimed at creating relief for unemployed Saint Lucians.

The latest drive conducted on behalf of a Canadian company is expected to result in the hiring of 60 nationals.

“ I do not want this to appear to be a situation where we are exporting all our labour overseas because we need our workers to work in Saint Lucia also. We have a number of new businesses mushrooming almost on a daily basis. We want to balance this properly to ensure that we can export our excess but we want to ensure that we have skilled and qualified persons to work in Saint Lucia to provide their labour to our local business people.”

Mr. Aubertin says the Labour department through its employment unit, is charged with staying abreast with the human resource trends of the local labour force.

“We have an employment unit that allows local persons who require employment to register and the unit is responsible for match them with prospective employers.”

The Labour Commissioner indicated that other overseas employment opportunities are now under consideration.

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