New York Based Saint Lucian Entrepreneur, Vaughn Constable on a Global Quest

New York Based Saint Lucian Entrepreneur, Vaughn Constable on a Global Quest

Vaughn Constable Creator and Founder of Twist By Vee LLC (r) with Marlon McCombie Co-Chairman St. Lucian Young Leaders in Canada (SYLC)

NEW YORK – Saint Lucia’s son of the soil, Vaughn Constable, Creator and Founder of Twist By Vee LLC, a New York-based company which specializes in handmade bow ties, hair and neck bows, and accessories as well as corporate branded products through the Bows For A Cause campaign, described what independence means to him during the 41st Anniversary of Saint Lucia’s Independence.

“One man growing his brand to a global level, seeking to distribute his product internationally.” On March 1, 2019, Vaughn Constable launched his brand in Saint Lucia, since then he has been on a quest to promote not just the Saint Lucia Flag Bowtie, but also bowties featuring another 11 Caribbean Island flags, namely: Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Trinidad & Tobago, and Haiti.

The intention of the respective flag bow ties is to add value to the tourism product offered by each destination in not just authentically handmade but also used by nationals within the international diaspora.

At the Fourth Annual Business Mixer hosted by the Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York on February 12th, Consul General Alvin Landers, outlined the importance of recognizing the ever-evolving world, he said “We are part of an era, a new economy, a global, intangible, borderless economy, where building your unique brand is critical to your success. Your competitive advantage lies not only in thinking outside the box, but to think like there is no box. To connect with the right people, to remain vigilant and to capitalize on emerging opportunities. You need to be a game changer!!!”

New York Based Saint Lucian Entrepreneur, Vaughn Constable on a Global Quest

Vaughn Constable (L) with Alvin Landers, Consul General of St. Lucia in New York.

Mr. Constable’s goal is to do just that with his self-made brand, “Twist By Vee” as he expressed to the gathering during his short address. Mr. Constable recently completed a trip to the United Kingdom where he sat with High Commission for Saint Lucia, Mr. Guy Mayers and discussed plans for his brand/product within the UK market where he was met with a promising reception by some 700+ patrons who attended the St Lucia Independence celebrations at the Stratford Town Hall in London on Saturday, February 22nd, hosted by the Unity of UK St Lucian Associations led by Mrs. Felicia Hippolyte.

Partnered with the Saint Lucia Toronto Association, Mr. Constable’s Bows For A Cause campaign on Saturday March 7th at the St Lucia Toronto Independence Gala held at The Destiny Banquet Hall, Toronto Canada raised funds for Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia.

At the recent launch of the St. Lucian Young Leaders in Canada (SYLC), Mr. Constable was given an opportunity to shed some light of the accomplishments of his company and the future plans for expansion and distribution throughout the Canadian market.

The event, which was held Wednesday, March 11 at the Oakwood Village Library and Arts Center, Ontario Canada under the SYLC slogan, “Bridging the Generational Gap Through Youth Empowerment” was quite telling for Mr. Constable’s story and vision as a young St. Lucian living overseas while navigating the struggles of growing his business.

Mr. Constable would like to extend sincere gratitude to all supporting bodies during his recent trips both to the UK and Canada especially, Mr. Alvin Landers (Consul General for Saint Lucia in New York), Ms. Angela St. Denis (Office of the High Commission, UK), Ms. Naomi Jules (St Lucia Toronto Association), and Mr. Marlon McCombie (St Lucian Young Leaders in Canada).

The selection of the Caribbean Flag Bow Ties is available online at and ships throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Retail outlets in Saint Lucia include Excella Craft 2nd Floor, JQ Mall – Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia.

New York Based Saint Lucian Entrepreneur, Vaughn Constable on a Global Quest

Vaughn Constable (center) with Patrons at Stratford Townhall London Wearing SLU Flag Bowties

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