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New Policy to Bring More Heavy Spenders to Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica is gearing up for more high-rollers and heavy spenders with Cabinet’s recent approval of an ‘inventory-enrichment strategy,’ which will allow merchants to import more high-end products into the island.

Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, said in many cases, these luxury items were available in other countries.

“The more the tourists spend, is the more money will be in the country and is the more we will be able to do for our citizens. Shopping is undoubtedly a major area and our job as government is to enable shopping to happen by providing the basis for all type of quality goods to be merchandised here in Jamaica,” the Tourism Minister stated.

He was addressing the launch of the Spruce-up Jamaica National Tourism Debate Wednesday(November 4) at the Sunset Beach Resort and Spa in Montego Bay.

Minister Bartlett explained that the inventory-enrichment strategy “will allow for in-bond merchants to be able to bring in and have in inventory, goods at a higher price level, with an arrangement that will allow them to pay a six per cent tax across the board, relating to the sale of those high-ends.”

This move, he said, will firmly establish Jamaica as a destination where tourists could shop for high-end products instead of going to countries such as the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, and the United States Virgin Islands “as these goods would be available right here in Jamaica”.

“All those big brand names that wealthy, rich people want to buy when they come to your destination, we can have it in Jamaica now and the enablement that has been afforded by the Government’s new policy, is going to drive those higher-end goods and we are going to see coming to us more and more of what you call the high-rollers and those who spend big money when they come,” Mr. Bartlett stated.

In the meantime, he commended all 16 schools that have signaled their intention to participate in the Spruce-up Jamaica National Tourism Debate Competition.

The debate, which will run for 13 weeks beginning the second week in November, aims to educate the students about the importance of tourism to Jamaica.

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