New Kiwanis Club Organized In The Miramar-Pines Area To Help Kids

Anthony D’Oyley, club co-sponsor, Kiwanis Club of East Pines Miramar

Anthony D’Oyley, club co-sponsor, Kiwanis Club of East Pines Miramar

MIRAMAR – PEMBROKE PINES  – A new Kiwanis club has opened in the Miramar-Pines area to give community members the opportunity to help kids during the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Kiwanis Club of East Pines Miramar will meet at 7:00 p.m., Mondays, via teleconference.

The club has been formed by Anthony D’Oyley, Dionne Bryan, Karen Harvey and Barry Smallhorne to help meet the needs of children in the community.

Kiwanis International has more than 600,000 members around the world dedicated to volunteer service that helps kids.

“Kiwanis clubs provide a great opportunity to meet new friends who believe in serving their communities, networking with business professionals and making a significant impact on the community through volunteering,” said President Karen Harvey.

The new Kiwanis Club of East Pines Miramar will focus on service projects addressing several community needs, including back to school drives, distributing food baskets to families in need, providing support to the elderly and awarding scholarships to students.

This will be made possible by the foundation (charter) members: 
  • Karen Harvey (President)
  • Dionne Bryan (Secretary)
  • Vice Mayor Maxwell Chambers
  • Alicia Charles
  • Sharon Christie (Chair)
  • Dr. Allan Cunningham
  • Commissioner Alexandria Davis
  • Distinguished President Anthony D’Oyley
  • Gayle Dwyer (Chair)
  • Leo Gilling
  • Craiglon Gordon (Director)
  • Dr. Shrusan Gray (Chair)
  • Vinette Green (Director)
  • Joel Gresham (Chair)
  • Angela Henry
  • Dr. Sonia Hylton (Director)
  • Jamal Jennings
  • Vashti Laing (Chair)
  • Marie Lawson
  • Dr. Neville Ledgister
  • Lana Lindo (President Elect)
  • Andrea Munroe-Service (Director)
  • Annette Payne (Treasurer)
  • Elaine Reid
  • Dr. Lester Reid
  • Maltimore Reynolds (Chair)
  • Michael Rigg
  • Barry Smallhorne (Vice President)
  • Charline Stewart (Chair)
  • Nadine Thompson-Samuels (Director)
  • Carlene Wright

“We understand the changing needs of today’s busy volunteers, and encourage members to give time when they can, whether that’s at a service project or at a meeting,” said Anthony D’Oyley, club co-sponsor, Kiwanis Club of East Pines Miramar. “We hope that men and women of all ages will join us and help make a difference for children in our community.”


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