New documentary highlights a Soul’s Journey in search of Bob Marley’s Rastafarian Roots

MIAMI – “In Search of Rastafari: A Soul’s Journey”, a new documentary highlighting the spiritual quest of the late Bob Marley’s grand-daughter, will hit the international market in spring 2009.

“In Search of Rastafari: A Soul’s Journey”, offers an in-depth look at the Rastafarian movement and its profound global influence on societies everywhere. Seen through the eyes of Bob Marley’s granddaughter Donisha Prendergast, this 90-minute documentary casts a personal light on Marley’s ongoing spiritual and musical legacy.

This feature length documentary provides a never before seen in-depth look into Rastafari and its followers and is destined to become a cinematic legacy that highlights the transformative powers of the movement on cultures throughout the world.

Donisha Prendergast

This thought-provoking film follows Prendergast as she delves into Rastafari’s most sacred places, and speaks to its most revered leaders and artists. Prendergast’s journey begins in Washington D.C., at the Smithsonian Institute’s “Discovering Rastafari” exhibit. In Israel she spends time in a Kibbutz with Israeli Rastafarians where she explores the links between Judaism and Rastafari. Then it’s on to Sheshamane, Ethiopia where’ll she’ll bless the land given to Rastafarians by Emperor Haile Selassie I; In England she will also visit the temple where her grandfather praised Jah. And, finally to Toronto where she will meet and reason with members of three of the major mansions of Rastafari: 12 Tribes of Israel, Nyabinghi and Boboshant;

“In Search of Rastafari” is the brainchild of Patricia Scarlett of Scarlett Media, Marylyn Gray and Sukai Eccleston and directed by award-winning Director, Stuart Samuels. “Donisha’s journey will dispel many of the myths about Rastafari while telling the story of a young woman’s quest to better understand the validity of Rastafari from which she draws strength and inspirations,” states Scarlett.

In keeping with the emerging need of a new generation of Rastafarians, Scarlett also takes Donisha’s global pilgrimage of self-discovery online where fans can follow her various stops through a virtual travel map. The website allows users to communicate directly with Prendergast through her interactive diary, Q&A sessions, blogs, and promotional contests. Fans can begin following Donisha’s travels at www.ReggaeJourney.com.

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