New book, “Daughter Of The Caribbean” Explores A Rarely Told History Of Jamaican Life, Politics And Family Bonds

PLANTATION – Astonishing new book reveals true-life stories of West Indian family heritage, politics and unshakable family bonds told against the backdrop of Jamaica.

Every once in a while a unique and special book comes along that surprises and delights the reader with a completely fresh story. Just such a book has been released, and it’s titled Daughter of the Caribbean, a riveting family saga that is inspired by the life of the author, Norma Jennings. It is love letter that pays homage to the exotic culture and heritage of Jamaica, an island paradise that most people know very little about.

Daughter of the Caribbean is an epic story told through the eyes of a Jamaican native, Olivia, who was raised for years by “church mouse of a grandmother” Sedith on the sprawling estate of Twickenham.

“Growing up at Twickenham under the watchful eye of my grandmother Sedith was a unique experience unlike anything known here in the States,” said author Jennings. “After my beloved parents and older brother died during a seven-month timeframe,
I reached deep inside myself to write this tale about my heritage. I wanted to embrace the notorious ancestors that are characteristic of the islands, whose daunting presence helped
mold us into the strong and creative rebels that we are, and I also wanted to probe the bonds of family while exploring the journey of life.”

Jennings’ book delves into the history of the island, slavery, revolution and rebellion, flirts with the supernatural, and deep family values and experiences unique to the region. She keeps the story germane to her heritage and genuinely explores, through the unique oratory of a remarkable grandmother’s recounting their family history; the impacts of the region’s culture and politics on family; deeply rooted values and belief systems that shape a family’s life; and how family can come together despite relentless challenges.

“When I explore issues like the Cuban Revolution, I keep it tied to how it impacted a Jamaican family given that Cuba is Jamaica’s closest geographic neighbor,” explains Jennings. “The islands of the West Indies have suffered through tumultuous historical challenges, yet here in the States few people know much more about Jamaica other than it’s an island paradise with white- sand beaches — but that’s a very limited view of Jamaica. I wanted to share with the world what it was truly like to be raised in this island paradise. Writing about the magical, exotic and erotic experiences of growing up in Jamaica is my gift to my homeland and to others. This story transcends ethnicity and provides the reader with a unique and provocative educational experience.”

Daughter of the Caribbean is available on Amazon, 3L Publishing’s website
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