Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board Unveils Open for Business Campaign

Not Impacted by Hurricane Dorian, Destination Seeks to Clear Up Confusion

NASSAU PARADISE ISLAND, Bahamas The Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board (NPIPB) is utilizing video to let consumers who may be confused by where Hurricane Dorian hit know that Nassau and Paradise Island resorts are open for business and the destination was left unaffected by the storm.

NPIPB has created a new video public service announcement, that will air across multiple digital media platforms, to clarify for consumers what areas of the Bahamas were not impacted by the storm.

The goal of this campaign is to help consumers better understand Nassau Paradise Island is fully open. Nassau is roughly 127 miles south of Grand Bahama and nearly 90 miles south of Abaco where the storm hit.

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“Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and the most popular tourist destination within the country so, as a result, when consumers hear Bahamas they may automatically associate the two,” said Fred Lounsberry, chief executive officer of the Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board. “While our thoughts are prayers are very much with our neighbors in The Abacos and Grand Bahama, Nassau and Paradise Island were not in the path of the storm and are ready to welcome guests. One of the best ways to support the Bahamas is by visiting!”

Many of the larger resorts are providing guests with direct ways to support Grand Bahama and The Abacos.

Additionally, NPIPB is working closely with the Bahamian government to encourage support of relief efforts. Those wishing to donate to Hurricane Dorian relief for The Bahamas can please visit: Nassau Paradise Island.

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