Must Have Sports Apps for any South African Fan!

Most of us like one or the other sports. Though we may not play every day or even occasionally, there is a great enthusiasm for watching a great team playing. In this mobile-age, there is an app to get almost every kind of information. Of course, there are plenty of apps to get instant scores and status of the game.

The expectation and curiosity during a gameplay are huge to measure and it can be met through some of the sports apps – says Vegas Mobile Casino which has a reputation among the mobile casino UK players. Some of the useful apps to get fast updates of various games are listed below

Ultimate Rugby

Rugby is an adrenaline packed game and when the TV is away, one cannot control the urge to know the status of the game. However just the score of the game is not enough, the related news, statistics, and social networks integration are needed to share both excitement and sadness. Ultimate Ruby apps grant its users more than the before listed features. Users can make use of In-game chat, squad news, schedules of teams and many more. This app is available for both iOS and Android platform.


Cricket is the second of most popular sport having more than 2.5 billion fans around the globe. There are a ton of apps for providing live scores of the cricket game and ESPNcricInfo tops the list. It runs smoothly and provides news articles related to cricket. It also provides some statistical data which helps in understanding the game better. It has a sleek design and runs smoothly without any hassles.

Must Have Sports Apps for any South African Fan!FotMob

This app is a perfect for the football fans as it provides information of almost all the football clubs out there. Just by selecting the favourite leagues and teams can fetch interesting data about them. It provides fixtures, line-ups of teams, the condition of the game and so on. It has been in operation for a long time and it has over 10 million downloads. Also, it is in the top 20 list in more than 15 countries.

PGA Tour

PGA Tour season is one of the highly anticipated games. PGA Tour app is available for both iOS and Android. This app gives information about the favourite players, video highlights and above all, it gives the hole payouts. The app works well without any glitches or interruptions.


Tennis is where everyone’s focus will be on if there isn’t anything big going in other sports. It is equally interesting and captivating like most of the games. His game will give information about the players, statistics, tournament announcements and so on in fifteen different languages.

Getting updates from apps does not deliver the same feeling as watching a match in real or at least on TV, but when one does not have the opportunity to watch the match live can use apps like the ones mentioned above to get swift and detailed information about the various aspects of the sport such as the players, the weather condition, the probability of winning and so on.


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