Music Icon Brigadier Jerry ‘Crowned’ King in Queens

[NEW YORK, NY]  — It was a night of historic proportion in New York recently when an unsung hero of Jamaican music and culture, Brigadier “Briggy” Jerry, was crowned “King.” The ceremonial occasion, which was presented by Chin of Irish and Chin, sparked a flurry of emotions, bringing Briggy and many patrons alike to tears.

The “Crownin” is Briggy’s first formal, major acknowledgement in his long-running career of more than 40 years. The moment reflected on the artist’s profound music legacy.  Including unyielding contributions to Reggae, Dancehall and Sound System music and culture. Notably, Briggy is one of the most talented deejays of his time! The clever lyricist is famous for his work on the Jah Love sound system. Upon the “Crownin,” the legend talked about using his talent to bring masses of people to Rastafari throughout his career.

Music Icon Brigadier Jerry 'Crowned' King in Queens
Garfield “Chin” Bourne bestowed music and culture legend Brigadier Jerry with a “Crown” — his first formal acknowledgement.
Briggy’s Legacy

An artist renowned for vivid sound system performances, chock full of melodic toasting of meaningful lyrics and improvisations.  Brigadier Jerry also found success with recorded songs like “Jamaica Jamaica,” “What Kind of World,” “Armagiddeon Stlye” “Every Man a Mi Brethren” and more. It was quite befitting for the “General” to give fans a performance before the March 12th “Crownin” — taking them back to the 80s by deejaying over vintage tracks.

Amongst some of Briggy’s biggest fans in attendance, were students of the legend there to pay homage. Sister Carol took to the stage to share a moment, while Iba Mahr also saluted Briggy.  Then, described how influential the legend has been to him as a cultural artist.

“My ambition is to simply acknowledge the non-acknowledged….We have to celebrate the un-celebrated for their contributions to the growth of Jamaican music and culture.  While they are alive.”

– Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin.

The “Crownin” is the brainchild of Chin. Through the event series, he seeks to identify persons who have made such an impact on the music that it changed the culture as we know it.

“Our music has played a huge role in the sucess of Brand Jamaica. Therefore, those who’ve built the foundation for which the music stands, MUST be congratulated for their efforts,” says Bourne in closing.

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