Mr. Vegas Delivers Explosive Performances in Europe

LONDON, England – As the summer season unfolded in Europe, thousands of revelers descended on the vast continent to attend a number of highly publicized Reggae music festivals. Many elite members of the Dancehall music fraternity were billed for the events and Mr. Vegas scored among the best.

It had been five years since Dancehall star Mr. Vegas toured Europe. And in an effort to make up for lost time, the popular singjay brought fans up-to-speed with his repertoire of soaring hits by consistently delivering fiery performances at every stop along the way. Mr. Vegas’ lasting effect on the European massive is truly undeniable, as calls for his next European tour have flooded his management.

Mr. Vegas

“I truly appreciate the support that my fans in Europe have given me over years,” says Mr. Vegas. “I have spent five years away and I really wanted to pay them back with unforgettable performances…….my plan was successful!”

Mr. Vegas’ European tour, sponsored by Media Com, consisted of 10 cities. On the tour, he was joined by a full ensemble including Thugz band, DJ Fatta and High Energy dancers. Mr. Vegas injected the unique and attention-grabbing format of a DJ and live band combination into his stage show. This style, which alternated between DJ Fatta spinning hot selections from pioneer dancehall artists and Thugz band playing Mr. Vegas’ rhythms, was a sure-fire hit with the fans. Adding Mr. Vegas’ High Energy dancers to the mix made for an even zestier recipe.

While in Cologne, Germany at Summerjam, Mr. Vegas was billed as the closing act, following Queen Ifrica, Busy Signal, Cecile and a host of other Jamaican artists. The singjay brought the festival to an energy-fueled close, executing nothing short of a 1 ½ hour spectacular set. Adorned in a black Armani suit, Gucci shirt and alligator skin Prada shoes, Mr. Vegas fulfilled the thousands in attendance with a show that measured up to his attire. Singing scores of hits, he also moved the audience with a cover of Bob Marley’s “Turn Your Lights Down Low.” Ultimately, his rendition prompted patrons to wave their cell phones in the air, creating a glowing effect.

Mr. Vegas’ stint at Rototom Sunsplash in Osoppo, Italy was equally explosive. On this line-up, he joined members of the dancehall massive including Voicemail, Bugle and Wayne Marshall to name a few. Due to a heavy rain storm, for a moment, it looked as if Mr. Vegas wouldn’t perform. But low and behold, the rain let up and dancehall’s most swank artist belted out an infinite string of hits – altering the “dampened” mood of the event. Thousands of fans rushed to the performance area to be a part of the Mr. Vegas experience.

After almost two hours in to his set at Rototom Sunsplash, the crowd begged for more. Still in designer gear, but a little more laid back, Mr. Vegas killed it. Because the whole show was phenomenal, no one segment can be highlighted. It’s clear that the precise coordination between Mr. Vegas and Thugz band played a major role in this extraordinary performance.

Although Mr. Vegas was not the official closing act of The Big Reggae Festival in Antibes, France, he still managed to drive the crowd wild. In a compact set (due to the show getting a late start), he wooed the crowd, capitalizing on techniques from past successful performances. Some time after his segment, Mr. Vegas was asked to join the wildly popular French Dancehall group Dub Inc. on stage to close the show with his hit “Mus Come a Road.” Mr. Vegas belted out the favorite, while Dub Inc. laced the rhythm with French vocals. The audience erupted in adulation.

“Mr. Vegas’ performances in Europe exceeded my expectations,” says manager Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin, Inc. “I think that Vegas understands the importance of giving quality, flawless shows……he definitely has mastered the live performance thing.”

In August 2008, Mr. Vegas will embark on his first tour of Africa and return to Europe for a long-awaited tour of the UK. Mr. Vegas’ emanating presence is undeniable. As you read this, the singjay is leaving his imprint on the world. In several markets, Mr. Vegas has songs and videos in heavy rotation including the summer anthems “Mus Come a Road,” “Hot Gal Nuh Fight Ova Man” and the newest sensation “Daggering.” And notably, Mr. Vegas boasts the #4 tune on the Billboard Dance Chart, “Shake it Up.”

Mr. Vegas burst on the scene in 1997 with the break-through smashes “Heads High” and “Nike Air.” The mainstay artist has since unleashed over a decade of countless dancehall hits and standards. Through good music and hard work, Mr. Vegas has maintained a consistent presence on the dancehall scene. In the Summer of 2007, Mr. Vegas released his fifth studio album Hot It Up (Delicious Vinyl) to raving reviews — which landed the racy “Hot Wuk” on the Billboard charts. Also in 2007, Mr. Vegas signed on to Irish and Chin, Inc. to manage his career.

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