Most Dangerous U.S. Trucking Routes

Most Dangerous U.S. Trucking Routes

Many truck drivers take pride in ferrying the goods they carry safely with on-time delivery. But the nature of their work is such that a catastrophic accident could happen at any moment. And while every route traveled by truck drivers comes with a certain amount of potential problems for drivers, some trucking routes have proven to be much more dangerous than others.

I-95 (Connecticut)

Connecticut is not the first thought for most people when it comes to states that are hotspots for traffic accidents. But one stretch of I-95 that lies between the New York State line and New Haven includes both a well-worn trucking lane and a major commuter route.

It is not difficult to surmise how these conditions create a potential disaster. Traffic congestion-reducing strategies from state officials included eliminating tolls along the trucking route. This strategy reduced accident risks. But the I-95 Connecticut route remains one of the most dangerous routes in the country.

I-15 (Between Los Angeles and Las Vegas)

Many of the factors that make I-15 one of the most dangerous roads in the West are not directly related to the road itself. One problem with this particular route is that many drivers choose to drink and use drugs while driving their vehicles.

This interstate also includes a considerable distance of straight-line desert driving that causes some drivers to drift off or doze off. This combination of factors makes this route extremely dangerous even for experienced truck drivers.

Highway 550 (Colorado)

People who travel along Highway 550 in Colorado marvel at the breathtaking views they encounter. But drivers of loaded 18 wheelers along this route should be sure to keep their eyes trained forward and both hands firmly on the wheel.

Highway 550 in Colorado runs through a gorge and includes several turns that require pinpoint accuracy to navigate. Drivers may become unpleasantly surprised to learn that there are no guard rails in place at the site of many of these turns. Simply put, a moment’s lapse in attention can send a truck driver and his or her semi over the edge of a mountain cliff that sits thousands of feet above sea level. This is why Highway 550 was deemed as one of the 12 most dangerous roads in the world.

Dalton Highway (Alaska)

Every trucker familiar with Alaska has likely heard a story about Alaska Route 11. This 414-mile stretch of Dalton Highway, which begins in Fairbanks, Alaska, and runs to Deadhorse, Alaska’s Prudhoe Oil Field, presents a series of challenges to drivers.

Parts of the dirt road include dangerous potholes, wildlife crossing the road, and other adventurous obstacles. Whiteouts are also commonplace on this stretch of Alaskan roadway. An extra risk for truck drivers is the tourists that travel the road unaware of the many dangers that might await them.

Highway 2 (Montana)

This 760-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 2, which begins at the border Montana shares with Washington State and ends east of Bainville, Montana, frequently faces drivers with dangerous winter weather conditions. In winter, this particular route is prone to high winds, blackouts, and blizzards.

This stretch of Highway 2 is also responsible for more traffic deaths than other sections of the road. Another factor that adds to the danger of Highway 2 in Montana is the route traveling through rural areas located far apart from one another. As a result, the average emergency response time is around 80 minutes.

The Bottom Line

Truck drivers sacrifice their time and risk their safety to ensure the products needed to fuel the nation’s economy are being delivered on time. But some routes commonly traveled by truck drivers expose them to so many risks that they become a cause for concern.

With nearly 70% of truck accident fatalities being passenger car occupants, trucking accidents can be devastating for non-truckers. Even a light crash with a truck can leave you severely injured, disabled, jobless, or carless. But despite all that, most trucking companies avoid giving victims compensation like the plague.

That is why, if you or a loved one gets injured in a truck accident, your best bet of getting the needed financial relief is hiring an attorney for truck accident in your area.

Truck accident attorneys are professionals in law that have handled dozens of personal injury claims spurred by truck accidents and know first hand how to negotiate with an uncooperative trucking company or insurance carrier to get victims the compensation they are due.



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