Morgan Heritage on the Passing of Their Dad Honorable Bishop Ras Denroy Morgan


[ATLANTA] – Honourable Bishop Ras Denroy Morgan, affectionately known to the world as a musical prodigy, a pioneer and a musical perfectionist who paved the way for Reggae on the international stage has passed away.

Born in May Pen Clarendon May 15th, 1945, Ras Denroy Morgan was a trailblazing musician who migrated to America in 1965. Several years later, he had his spiritual calling to Rastafari and his home on Cornelia St in Brooklyn, NY became a hub for members of the Twelve Tribes of Israel Rastafarian organization.

As the years went by, Denroy caught the musical bug and released his first Billboard hit “I’ll Do Anything For You” in 1981. This album performed well, and he went on to become the first Jamaican recording artist to be signed to a major record label, RCA in 1984 and later made his acting debut in The Cosby Show.

Ordained Bishop

Ordained as Bishop, Denroy Morgan started the Abrahamic Covenant Family Ministry. Under this ministry, he created the petition for the United Nation to make November 2nd, the Coronation Day of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I, an international holiday. His respect in the Rastafarian community would lead to Denroy Morgan later championing a campaign to unify the Rastafarian communities all over the world, called the All-Mansion campaign. Another example of his spirit of humanitarianism and freedom. He was a stern advocate for the legalization of cannabis, and it was one of his greatest joys when it became decriminalized in Jamaica and even legal in some places around the world.

Key to the City

In 1992 Ras Denroy Morgan brought his children Morgan Heritage and L.M.S. to perform at Reggae Sunsplash and they later signed to MCA Records. His vision was always clear knowing the gift his children would be to the world and they went on to win two Grammys. Following the receipt of his children’s 2016 Grammy win, Denroy Morgan received the key to the city of his second home, Brooklyn, by current Mayor of New York, Eric Adams who was the Borough President at the time.

Ras Denroy Morgan with the Key to the City with Morgan Heritage

Ras Denroy Morgan’s love for music remained strong and days before passing away he released a single “Slavery Offences”. This single is off a project he held dear to his heart, which he worked on for over five years and is set to release this Friday, April 22nd, 2022, Divine Destiny – Denroy Morgan & The Black Eagles.


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