Montego Bay Crusade attracts more than 30,000 People

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica – Tens of thousands of Jamaicans celebrated the Lord Jesus Christ at Montego Bay’s Dump Up Beach last night and thousands more are getting ready for round two – tonight’s Miles Ahead crusade celebrating Jamaica Broilers’ Best Dressed 50 Fest featuring former NFL player Pastor Miles McPherson of the San Diego-based Miles Ahead youth-centered Christian organization.

Tonight’s (Sunday, May 4th) proceedings will be video streamed live from Jamaica at www.milesahead.tv.

Montego Bay police estimated last night’s crowd at “over 30,000” as patrons gave praise while being ministered by the heavenly vibrations of Jamaica’s Prodigal Son, New Generation and DJ Nicholas and America’s Israel Houghton & New Breed.

Among thousands of raised hands, Miles Ahead volunteers were able to document about 2,300 people who gave their lives to Christ last night as McPherson, an African American of Jamaican descent, president of the Miles Ahead organization and Pastor of the 10,000-strong Rock Church and Academy in San Diego, shared the Gospel story of Jesus walking on water to save his disciples who were threatened that their boat would capsize during a storm.

“You are like the disciples out in the boat in the lake with the storm and they can’t handle it,” he told thousands, encouraging them that they too can walk on water and live a victorious life full of joy. He reminded Montego Bay residents that the enemy tries to convince us that whatever we are putting in the place of God is no big deal. That sort of thinking is a trap. God has something better for us than anything we keep holding on to.

Pastor McPherson shared from his own life, telling the crowd that he had been a 24-year-old professional NFL football player sucked into a cocaine habit he knew was wrong. He kept hanging on to it, until one day he turned his life over to Jesus. God healed him of his addiction, and guided him into a new life. “The Bible says trust. Action number one is to give your life to Jesus. Action number two is start walking on water,” Pastor McPherson told Jamaica last night.

To be video streamed again tonight on www.milesahead.tv, Pastor McPherson is participating in the Miles Ahead crusade celebrating Jamaica Broilers Group’s 50th anniversary and three major family-oriented festivals, under the Best Dressed 50 Fest banner, presented in Mandeville, Montego Bay and Kingston through Sunday, May 4.

The festivals – put together by Jamaica Broilers in partnership with churches across Jamaica, the Luis Palau Association and Miles Ahead – feature both local and international gospel musicians, including Omari, Papa San, Carlene Davis, Toby Mac as well as messages of hope from evangelists Luis Palau and McPherson himself.

Andrew Palau addressed thousands in Mandeville last weekend, while Luis Palau will be on the King’s House grounds in Kingston on Saturday, May 3 and joined by Miles McPherson who is making a guest appearance on Sunday, May 4.

Sunday’s event will also be video streamed at www.milesahead.tv.

During this visit to Jamaica, close to 300 volunteers from the San Diego-based Miles Ahead organization made evangelistic, social and economic contributions to the country.

Pastor Miles McPherson addresses thousands in Montego Bay.

Prodigal son in action in Jamaica last night

Israel Houghton (left) jammin’ for Jesus in Jamaica.

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