Miguel Maestre Delivers New Sizzling Soca Single ‘Toronto’

[Toronto, Ontario] – With all of the excitement and high anticipation surrounding the return of Carnival events comes brand spanking new Soca music. Singer-songwriter Miguel Maestre has released a new 2022 track dedicated to his hometown and its unmistakable festival vibe; the song is aptly titled ‘Toronto’.

Although born in Canada, Miguel Maestre was raised by two Trinidadian parents.  They kept his heritage as well as Caribbean music at the centre of his life. He has spent many years of performing on the Soca and Parang circuits and being fully immersed in the culture of the region.  He pays musical tribute to his Canadian-Caribbean upbringing with his latest offering ‘Toronto’.

Miguel Maestre Delivers New Sizzling Soca Single ‘Toronto’
Miguel Maestre

Canadian Soca Vibes

The new groovy Soca single positively highlights the unique facets of its namesake city.   As well as the festive, cultural norms of its population.  Especially during the lead up to North America’s largest Caribbean festival i.e. Toronto Caribbean Carnival (formerly known as Caribana). Maestre shared, “This is a song for all Soca Music fans, all masqueraders and lovers of Carnival, and all our Caribbean people in Toronto. It’s a special song because it features our Toronto Carnival and all those who partake in it. Toronto is known as a Mecca of Soca yet we don’t have enough music coming out from here. I wrote this song because I felt the city needed a Soca anthem to call its own.  Something that we could be proud of, sing along to and be a part of.”

Toronto was written by Maestre, Rich ‘Shan’ Persad & Chris Petitti and co-produced by Shan and Maestre. The track’s relatable lyrics, theme and singable hook lines have so far garnered positive reviews from listeners. Especially those familiar with Toronto’s unique Carnival experience and eager for the return.  The annual summer tradition has had a 3 year absence.

New Projects

Miguel wears many hats in the music industry such as Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Producer and Audio Engineer.  He has always advocated for further collaboration among Canada- based Caribbean creatives.  As well as for more cohesion among the industry stakeholders (artistes, DJs, promoters, etc).

With this latest single, he aspires to unite all Soca lovers in the city known as ‘The Six’ and shared “Toronto this one’s for you. We love Soca, we love our culture, we love the Caribbean. This one represents our city and our Caribbean Carnival, one of the biggest carnivals in the world, and this one will have you jumping and waving for the rest of the summer.” ‘Toronto’ released by One Love Nation Inc. is available on all major digital streaming platforms.


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