Michael Nadler officially stepped down, as Miami Attorney Michael Diaz Jr. and others react

Miami Attorney Michael Diaz Jr

Attorney Michael Diaz Jr.

contributed contentMIAMI – Prominent assistant US attorney Michael Nadler, who has spent the last few years in South Florida, has officially stepped down as a federal prosecutor. Formally going into effect next month, he will be transitioning to a private practice. It is a move that many are surprised by, and people are wondering just how much of an impact it will make on the general pursuit of some of the biggest crooks connected to Venezuela.

An expert litigator

Nadler has certainly had success at times when going after people in the past to recover a significant amount of money. In 2018, he was able to secure the largest judgment at the time by getting former national treasure Alejandro Andrade to plead guilty for being part of a foreign currency conspiracy. With this, the goal was to take hundreds of millions of dollars from state coffers, which ultimately backfired for him.

In the plea agreement, Nadler was able to push for Andrade to give up $1 billion in money and assets, while also serving a 10-year sentence. US government was able to take in his mansion, luxury vehicles, assorted collections, and much more.

It remains to be seen what will happen with the most recent case involving Colombian businessman Alex Saab. People view him as a frontman for Maduro, but there is still information being gathered on his case. Trump decided just last year to sanction Saab, all while he was charged for money laundering by Nadler. This stems from a bribery scheme connected to a supposed development for low-income housing.

Since Saab is still in holding for a final verdict, Nadler will not be able to see everything through. It seems highly unlikely that there will be any chance for Nadler to indict Saab for corruption. Whoever steps in and takes the place of Nessler will have a pretty big test early on in their career.

These are just two of the biggest examples of the success Nadler has had going after major crooks connected to Venezuela. The United States is losing a top litigator, and they could be feeling the impact for a while.

How Nadler’s work is viewed by others

There are a lot of people who are singing the praises of Nadler and what he was able to accomplish in his short amount of time. Michael Diaz Jr, a prominent attorney based in Miami, had the opportunity to litigate against Nadler for a few of his Venezuelan clients. Diaz remembers Nadler as being an extremely aggressive prosecutor. It is one of the main reasons he has been able to have success every step of the way.

The decision to step down is cause for a celebration for many in Venezuela, as well as the world. They understand that life just got a little bit easier without one of the top assistant US attorneys around.

Once he had a lead going after a certain individual, he would spend a significant amount of time putting the research together. It involved that ability to know how to quickly identify these people, as well as finding them in the right locations to make everything possible. This is just one of the reasons why a few people started labeling him as the most experienced litigator working in the country of Venezuela.

A look into the future

The move without question leaves a huge void in the department. Prosecutors looking to replace Nadler will need to become well-versed in all the complexities of examining corruption that might be going on. It could take years for the United States to fully replace Nadler with his productivity.

Since the decision is still so new, there is no official word on who will be replacing him going forward. It might be a team effort in the short-term, as the Saab situation is just one reason why there can’t be any time wasted.



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