Miami Residents Reject “Romney Economy” Outside His Campaign Office

Miami – As Mitt Romney delivers his acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nominee Thursday evening, Miami residents, activists and community groups will come together to say no to a Romney Economy. The residents, representing working families across the city, reject the economic plan put forth by Romney because it gives massive tax breaks to the wealthy while placing a bigger burden on the middle class.

The Romney Economy threatens these Miami residents’ livelihood, and they don’t think it’s morally right to have working families bear the brunt of the tax burden. His economic plan for the middle class provides no benefits for most families.

“We’re going to start a march from Bain owned stores because they foreshadow the economy Romney wants to create,” said Eric Brakken, director of 1Miami. “He always gloats about how successful his business career was with Bain, but the truth is he and his billionaire buddies created minimum wage jobs while simultaneously killing good jobs or outsourcing them. This is not the economic recovery Americans have in mind!”

Activists are upset with Romney’s economic proposals and they intend to show their displeasure as they march from a shopping plaza filled with three Bain owned stores to his campaign headquarters on SW 8th and SW 87th St. at 5:00 PM, where they will deliver the message that they won’t stand for a Romney Economy.

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