Miami Gardens Residents Pledge to Take CHARGE of Their Health in The New Decade

Live Healthy Miami Gardens
Photo Credit: Live Healthy Miami Gardens
The City  & Foundation worked diligently in 2019 to encourage residents to take CHARGE of their health!

MIAMI GARDENS – The City of Miami Gardens and Health Foundation of South Florida are excited to announce over 400 residents entered the new decade pledging to take themselves and/or a loved one to the doctor.

 Through the City’s Live Healthy Miami Gardens (LHMG) initiative, the “Take Your Loved One To The Doctor”(TYLOD) campaign, which kicks-off  every October,  encourages City of Miami Gardens residents to take CHARGE of their health and schedule regular health screenings.

In 2018 and 2019, the TYLOD campaign was generously funded by the Health Foundation of South Florida, the largest not-for-profit grant making organization dedicated solely to health in South Florida and a strong supporter and funder of the LHMG initiative.

The goal of the TYLOD campaign is to inspire the community to be proactive with their health and increase the possibility of early diagnosis when the chance of successful treatment is better.

On October 10, 2018, a resolution was approved by the City of Miami Gardens’ City Council to acknowledge the month of  October as, “Take Your Loved One To The Doctor” month.

Since then, the City of Miami Gardens’ LHMG campaign has partnered with local health centers to host FREE “Take Your Loved One to The Doctor Health Screening Events” for residents and the public who do not have a primary healthcare provider or insurance.

This year’s health center partners included: Center for Family and Child Enrichment (1825 NW 167th St, Miami Gardens, FL 33056) and Jessie Trice Community Health System (4692 NW 183rd St, Miami Gardens, FL 33055), and UHI Community Health Center (4851 NW 183rd St, Opa-locka, FL 33055).

City of Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert continues to support the TYLOD campaign because of the importance of bringing awareness of wellness in his community, in addition to providing free resources for those who are unable and uninsured to visit a primary doctor regularly. Often times, late diagnosis of preventable and chronic diseases are made because of the failure to visit a doctor regularly.

Live Healthy Miami Gardens
Photo Credit: Live Healthy Miami Gardens

“Effective care year-round for yourself and loved ones requires a holistic approach to one’s general well-being. That includes being educated about health and wellness, in addition to taking advantage of preventive care to avoid serious health conditions,” said Mayor Oliver Gilbert, City of Miami Gardens. 

Research has shown that regular check-ups may lead to benefits including: Early detection of life-threatening illnesses and diseases; Building a good relationship with your primary doctor; Increase lifespan; Increase possibilities of treatments for any health issue; and Being informed on the latest health treatments and information. TYLOD is a year-round campaign and residents are encouraged to get involved in the LHMG initiative.

Community members can join the wellness movement by:

  1. Visit and take the pledge or text the word “promise” to 545454.
  2. Share on social media using #LHMGpromise and challenge others to take the pledge, as well.
  3. Schedule an appointment for you and your loved one to go to the doctor.

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