Miami-Dade County Commission cracks down on human trafficking

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY – The Miami-Dade County Commission on February 6 approved an ordinance co-prime sponsored by Commissioners Jose “Pepe” Diaz and Sally A. Heyman to crack down on human trafficking by enforcing a $500 fine on businesses that fail to post human trafficking public awareness signs at adult entertainment and certain massage or bodywork services establishments.

The legislation comes two years after Commissioners Diaz and Heyman sponsored a similar ordinance  requiring businesses to post human trafficking public awareness signs and impose the state’s $500 fine for failing to post the required signs.

Miami-Dade County Commission approves legislation to crack down on human trafficking

The new ordinance will allow Miami-Dade County Police to enforce the $500 violation for each offense under Section 8CC of the County Code.

“Human trafficking has no place in a civilized society. We must have zero tolerance for the exploitation of children and other vulnerable people in our society,” Commissioner Diaz said.

Human trafficking involves the exploitation of men, women and children for forced labor or commercial sex and often subjects them to force, fraud, and coercion.


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