Membership has it rewards; Miami-Dade Chamber member wins construction contract with Burger King

MIAMI – Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce (M-DCC) member, Foster Construction of South Florida, Inc. recently won a construction bid from Burger King Corp. through the Urban Partnership for Prosperity (UPP) program to construct a brand new BURGER KING® restaurant in the City of Homestead, Fl. The UPP program matches large, established corporations in Miami-Dade County with small, minority-owned businesses to create professional mentoring relationships.

In July 2006, The Beacon Council and the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce partnered and created the Urban Partnership for Prosperity. This initiative was established in order to bring together some of Miami-Dade County’s leading corporations with minority-owned businesses to provide consulting, executive mentoring and employee training in the attempt to enhance the minority-owned business’ probability for long-term sustainability and success.

“The Chamber and the Beacon Council have established the UPP program that will continue to open doors and create opportunities for upstart minority-owned businesses in our community,” said Bill Diggs, President and Chief Executive Officer, Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce.

Burger King Corp. was one of seven corporations that participated in the UPP pilot program. Foster Construction of South Florida, Inc. was paired with Burger King Corp. in July 2006 and has benefited from invaluable insight into Burger King Corp.’s global operations and mentoring from its executives. Burger King Corp. has provided Foster with the tools and guidance necessary to successfully bid on construction jobs for large corporations. In addition, the relationship has afforded Burger King Corp. the opportunity to continue its outreach into diverse communities and support minority-owned and operated businesses in Miami-Dade County.

After two years in the UPP program, Burger King Corp. awarded a bid to Foster Construction of South Florida, Inc. on Friday, July 25, 2008 to build a BURGER KING® restaurant. Construction is scheduled to begin in early September 2008.

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