Meet Lavern Deer, Miami Gardens Mayoral Candidate

Meet Lavern Deer, Miami Gardens Mayoral Candidate
Lavern Deer
The People’s Champion; Moving Our Community Forward

MIAMI GARDENS – Pursuant to the City of Miami Gardens Charter, the next General Election will be held on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 for the purpose of electing a Mayor and various other seats in the city. With that being said, Lavern Deer has been confirmed by many as the front runner and the best candidate for the job of Miami Gardens Mayor.

2020 Miami Gardens Mayoral Candidate Lavern Deer, was born in Kingston, Jamaica and migrated to Nassau, Bahamas at the age of 9. Several years later, she moved to South Florida. Lavern obtained a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University.

As a 30 year resident of the City of Miami Gardens, she is also a mother and caretaker for her elderly mom. Combined, this has all prepared her to fight against the adversity of the various challenges that the City of Miami Gardens faces. Lavern consistently succeeds in finding opportunity for local residents, such as the elderly, union workers, women and youth.

Deer’s Platform Priorities:

Professional Experience (Last 10 Years):

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Political Endorsements

Various political leaders can attest to Lavern’s ability to successfully fill the seat of Miami Garden’s Mayor.  City of North Miami Commissioner, Paule Villard endorses Lavern through sharing the following sentiments “Lavern is a true leader, a person with conviction and resilience. As the next Mayor of Miami Gardens, I can see how she will bring the changes that are so long needed in this municipality.  As an elected official, I trust that she will make Miami Gardens a better place for all its residents to live work and play, a place where others will feel safer going to, knowing that their leader cares. The constituents should make the choice and vote Lavern in office”.

In addition,  Former Florida State Senator Maria Sachs shares “Lavern will be the best mayor in the history of the city”.

Like other great women of Miami, such as Mayor Shirley Gibson and M. Athalie Range, who rose to the occasion and represented their constituents well, Lavern Deer is honorable enough to represent, strong enough to fight, smart enough to lead and kind enough to care. She’s your very own, someone who has lived and breathed the dreams of Miami Gardens.

Vote for Lavern Deer on August 18th BALLOT #401




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