Marlon Hill’s Commemoration of Jamaica’s Emancipation and Independence Day

Marlon Hill's Commemoration of Jamaica’s Emancipation and Independence Day

Marlon Hill

MIAMI – As a proud product of Jamaica, I am honored to share my warmest greetings for the 57th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence to the extended family of Miami-Dade County, Florida, and Southern United States residents who share the rich history and heritage of the island nation of Jamaica.

Over the 57 years of independence, Jamaica and persons of Jamaican descent have made an indelible mark on the economy, culture, and history of the United States.

From the creative spark of the founding of the genre of hip-hop to the manifestation of a civil rights era to the contributions of our entrepreneurial spirit, Jamaicans have uplifted the spirit and vibrancy of America.

Today, Jamaican nationals and persons of Jamaican descent populate our operating rooms, corporate board rooms, construction sites, cruise line kitchens, court rooms, classrooms, religious podiums, city halls, and other places within our economy and civic engagement in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and around the Southern United States.

I encourage all residents and visitors to partake in and celebrate the number of public commemorative events in your local communities.

Happy 57th Anniversary, Jamaica!

Jamaica’s 57th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations Across the United States


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