Live Your Dream Gospel Talent Search attracts hundreds in Freeport, Bahamas!

By: Debrah S. Hall

FREEPORT, Bahamas -The exciting people of Freeport, Bahamas came from everywhere last Saturday night to witness the first Live Your Dream Gospel Talent Search at the Hilton Outten Convention Center in Settlers Way, Freeport, Grand Bahamas Island.

Promoter Derek Stubbs, President of the Gospel Music Fellowship, took a bold step to put together a striking, foot-stomping event from quartet Cooling Waters to the Freeport Nondenominational Mass Choir. Nearly one thousand people came out to witness the memorable event.

Brother Steve Harris of Hollywood, California, executive producer of the Steve Harris TV show, Joe Poke and Shae George, owners of Glory to God TV in Atlanta, gospel radio announcer Joe Riley of radio station WMBM in Miami, and Debrah Hall, president of Next Level Productionz were special invited guests of the Gospel Music Fellowship.

The Live Your Dream Gospel Talent Search was aimed at talented Bahamians who want to learn how to become industry professionals.

Derek Stubbs realizes that there are numerous supporters of the gospel music industry in the Bahamas who are not actively working in the industry but are eager to participate.

The Freeport News and popular radio station ZNS helped promote the event. There were 14 talented gospel artists who sang to the glory of God.

The winner, Faye Major, proudly acknowledged her role as a minister of the gospel, not just a singer. She received a $1,000 cash prize in addition to complimentary limo service. She has a CD project out that is soon to air on WMBM radio.

Second place winner, Tre’Kiece Duglas and third place winner, Calavinique Rolle each received a trophy for their placement.

During the weekend, guests who traveled from the United States to the Bahamas enjoyed a VIP white party Friday night. Over 300 guests and island natives listened to gospel music, played games and danced the night away in the cool Bahamas atmosphere near the beach.

Live Your Dream Gospel Talent Search recently donated musical instruments to the Pineridge Urban Renewal program in Freeport. Anne Percentie Russell, Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister and Memeber of Parliament for the Pineridge Constituency accepted the donation for the music program.

The Gospel Music Fellowship of Freeport Bahamas will serve as a platform where some of the favorite artists and groups will display their talents, minister and entertain like never before. Live Your Dream Gospel Talent Search will air on the Black Family Channel and Glory to God TV later this month.

(L-R) Bro. Steve Harris, Tre’Kiece Duglas(second place winner), Faye Major (first place winner), Calvinique Rolle (third place winner) and Gospel Music Fellowship President Derek Stubbs.

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