Letter to the Editor: Florida Senate Passes Bill SB7030 to Arm Teachers

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the March 26, 2019 article on South Florida Caribbean News entitled “Florida Senate Passes Bill SB7030 to Arm Teachers”.


Strongly opposed by Floridians? “This bill is dangerous, it’s unnecessary, and it’s unpopular.” I think the media does lie, you are lying to your readers. Endangering our kids? The shooters endanger our kids.

Legislators should be increasing funding to our public schools?

While I agree with that, how does that help when an active shooter is waiting down the hall?

Investing in mental health services? That is a joke, considering in the year prior to the massacre, his home was visited numerous times by local police and DCF, was known to school personnel as being “someone who would come back with a rifle”.

The only true statement you seemed to cite was that SB 7030 would arm the teachers in Florida, expanding the “Guardian Program” allowing classroom teachers to carry concealed weapons to school.

Do you know what is devastating? ……. The fact that you continue use blanket statements with a heaping helping of holier than thou, if you don’t agree you should and experts say, as if the public does not have the ability to think rationally for themselves.

Florida Senate Passes Bill SB 7030 to Arm Teachers

Who are the Senate Infrastructure, Security Committee and the Committee on Education working for at the end of the day…… you ask? I will tell you who…People like me who are sick and tired of the so called experts, academic and elitist dictate who is correct and who is dangerously wrong…I am dangerously wrong, because I don’t agree with the content of your slanted article (fake news), I think you are lying and enhancing your beliefs.

After all, Florida silently stood tall two years ago when we turned from purple to bright red. You don’t like it, and you are bleeding out all over your readers. You remind me of the flower children from 1967 protesting with rifles with daisies emerging out of the barrel……

Kathy Reed

Senior Citizen,


Florida Atlantic University

South Florida Caribbean News

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