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Let’s Connect with Ambassador Marks to Discuss Jamaica’s Financial and Securities Market

Guests: BOJ Governor Richard Byles and Dr. Marlene Street Forrest of the Jamaica Stock Exchange

WASHINGTON, DC – Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Her Excellency Audrey Marks will host Governor of the Bank of Jamaica Richard Byles on her monthly Let’s Connect series, on Thursday March 2nd, 2023, at 7:00 pm EDT. Click here to join the meeting via Zoom.

Ambassador Marks Jamaica's Financial and Securities Market
Ambassador Audrey Marks

According to Ambassador Marks the Jamaican Diaspora has been a key contributor to the growth and development of Jamaica. Through this medium we are seeking to ensure the most accurate information is shared. Especially, to continue building confidence in their homeland.

In light of this, the insights of the Governor Byles, who now has oversight of all financial institutions on the island, will be invaluable. It will help to maintain the Diaspora’s confidence in Jamaica’s robust financial industry.

BOJ Governor Richard Byles
BOJ Governor Richard Byles

Governor Byles will be joined on the programme by the Managing Director of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Dr. Marlene Street Forrest.  Forrest is expected to give important perspectives on the country’s securities market.

Dr. Marlene Street Forrest of the Jamaica Stock Exchange
Dr. Marlene Street Forrest

Ambassador Marks shared that “as the Government of Jamaica shifts its focus to post covid recovery and building back stronger, we believe this forum is a good opportunity to remind Jamaicans abroad of the reasons they should still choose Jamaica not only as their preferred destination for travel in 2023, but also for their primary investment opportunities.”

Let’s Connect with Ambassador Marks enables members of the Diaspora to communicate directly with the Ambassador. Specifically, about matters affecting their lives in the USA. In addition, they can also stay up to date with the Government’s policies and programmes. As well as the Embassy’s activities.

Ambassador Marks is occasionally joined by distinguished guests. Guests include US government officials, key players in various local and international organizations. Plus, prominent members of the Jamaican Diaspora.

The meeting will be held virtually via Zoom.  Click here to join.


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