More Laptops and Tablets Shipped to UJAA Member Schools In Jamaica

Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (UJAA)

Not missing a beat, the alumni association members of the Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (UJAA) followed up with another shipment of devices to their schools.

by Derrick Scott

[Washington, DC] – The Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (UJAA) out of New York have sent another shipment of laptop and tablet devices to their schools in Jamaica.  The devices are valued at JA $3 million, to complement the JA $11 million worth of equipment sent last week.  As a result, a total donation of JA $14 million so far.

President of the umbrella organization, Lesleyann Samuel in commenting on the latest shipment, said, “It is a fact that laptops, tablets, and iPads are now essential  tools for teaching and learning.  Whether in the classroom or remotely.  The member associations are intent on filling that need for their schools.”

Following the second shipment thee will be a brief pause in sending more devices. Project Leader, Donovan Wilson plans to evaluate the entire process. Which includes the arrival and distribution of the shipments in Jamaica this week.  Wilson explained that “Over 500 devices have already been shipped. And, additional orders are currently being placed as long as the alumni members’ schools have the need.”

Laptop-‘N-Tablet Program

UJAA’s President said the Laptop-‘N-Tablet programme was created by the Jamaica Alumni Associations. It was created support of the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on the educational system. Especially, in relation to teaching and learning remotely.

The UJAA Board began looking at ways to assist schools and students with devices back in July 2020. As a way to help them with remote learning.

The 61 member umbrella organization began discussions and negotiations with the leading Computer Technology providers. As well as conversations with member alumni association presidents who were having their own conversations with their principals.

With a commitment from several members and negotiations with Dell and Best Buy, the first order was placed. A benefit agreement was made with members and the LAPTOP-‘n-TABLET PROGRAM was in place.

Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States Her Excellency Audrey Marks was elated by the donation, “Such selfless act of giving back to their respective alma mater has not gone unnoticed.”

The government, as well as the people of Jamaica and in the diaspora have appreciated this helping hand.



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