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Ky-mani Marley and Khadine “Miss Kitty” Hylton to Receive Prestigious Key to the Region Award

FORT LAUDERDALE – The Key to the Region committee is pleased to announce that Ky-mani Marley and Khadine “Miss Kitty” Hylton have been selected as this year’s recipients of the esteemed Key to the Region award. This prestigious honor is bestowed upon individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions globally, demonstrating exceptional leadership, dedication, and commitment to public service, and who are trailblazers in their field.

Ky-Mani Marley – Promoting Unity

Ky-mani Marley has been recognized for his tireless efforts in promoting unity, love, and social justice through his music and philanthropic work. His charitable initiatives, including the Ky-mani Marley Foundation, have positively impacted countless lives. Especially, in the areas of education and youth empowerment.

Kymani Marley
Kymani Marley

“As I always say, ‘The truth is, we are all one, and when we come together, we can move mountains.’ I am humbled to receive this award and I hope it inspires others to continue fighting for unity, love, and social justice,” said Ky-mani Marley.

Miss Kitty – Advocacy For Women’s Empowerment

Khadine “Miss Kitty” Hylton, a celebrated media personality, attorney, and entrepreneur, has been honored for her outstanding contributions to the community. This includes her advocacy for women’s empowerment, and cultural preservation. Her innovative approaches to entertainment journalism and community engagement have inspired a new generation of leaders and change-makers.

Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton to honor Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty

“I’m honored and humbled to be the recipient of this prestigious award. I am grateful for the kind acknowledgement of my hard-work and dedication to excellence and nation building. I have always endeavored to be a beacon of hope and to do my best to enrich the lives of others with whom I come in contact.” Said Miss Kitty, in response to the award announcement. “This award is sentimental and extra special as it is my first award since giving birth to my beautiful daughter for whom I hope to leave a legacy worthy of emulation. It is with a grateful heart that I accept this award and I would like to thank the organizers for regarding me as deserving of such an  honor.” She added.

Key to the Region Award Ceremony

The Key to the Region award ceremony will take place June 7, 2024, 6 PM at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Hotel North. This esteemed event will bring together over 30 elected officials from across south Florida, including Tamarac Commissioner Marlon D. Bolton, Lauderhill Commissioner Denise D. Grant, Miramar Vice Mayor Alexandra P. Davis, Sunrise Commissioner Mark Douglas, Esq., and many others, to present the highest honor bestowed by an elected official.

The Key to the Region award symbolizes the highest commendation for an individual or organization. Specifically, recognizing their exceptional achievements and dedication to public service. This year’s recipients, Ky-mani Marley and Khadine “Miss Kitty” Hylton, embody the spirit of community leadership and commitment. Especially, inspiring others to make a positive impact in the world.

To RSVP to the Region award ceremony contact Commissioner Marlon Bolton (954) 275-3850.  Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of these two remarkable individuals and their contributions to our community.

2023 Key to the Region Awardee – Grace “Spice” Hamilton

Key to the Region Award


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