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MIAMI – Princeton University Senior and Miami resident born to Jamaican parentage, Omar Jarrett, is putting one of his ideas to work. He has created a website to help independent, unheard of, music producers to network with small businesses who want jingles created for cheap.

At www.kingmenow.com anyone can easily describe a song, and any musician can reply to the request with a creation of their own. The www.kingmenow.com website allows businesses to pick and choose the best song for them. The website was created this summer, and it is live and functional.

When you visit the site, check out the ‘Describe-Your-Dream-Song-Here’ page. Then, you can describe a song that you want to hear or use for promotional purposes or for your own reasons. Then, fill out contact information and you will be contacted when a music producer using the website sees your song description.

When asked about www.kingmenow.com, Omar said “I spent a good deal of time this summer making sure that the site was both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. I’ve nurtured the site since its inception and now I’m ready to see my baby take off.”

For music producers using the site, click on the ‘Describe Your Dream-Song-Here’ page to view the descriptions that businesses have posted as well as contact info.

Omar’s brother, Tor Jarrett, a Brown University graduate said “I’m glad that Omar is putting his creative talents to use with his new website. I can’t wait to see his ideas grow.”

About Omar Jarrett

Omar Jarrett is a senior at Princeton University. He is majoring in Economics and hopes to work in finance after graduating in June 2014.

Last year he wrote a research paper on the relation between GDP per capita in 32 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries and air pollution levels in those countries that received high marks from his grading professor.

This year for his senior thesis, he is writing a paper about the economic benefits of reducing disparities between the forms of healthcare available to patients of different socioeconomic classes.

Omar competes in the high jump for the Princeton University Track and Field Team, his personal best is 6’9”.

He has his own music production website at www.soundcloud.com/greendestiny

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