JN Money Transfer Promotion to Ease Back-to-School Costs

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Many Jamaicans are still facing challenging times although they are slowly emerging from some of the tough economic conditions, which straight-jacketed the economy for more than two years says Leesa Kow, General Manager of JN Money Services Limited (JNMS).

Pointing to the most recent consumer confidence survey, the head of one of the island’s best known remittance companies, JNMS, which operates the JN Money Transfer brand, said that, “while consumer confidence is at its highest since 2008, the economy is still difficult to navigate.”
“Some people are still reporting that jobs are scarce and difficult to get,” she said.

“Therefore, although consumers are upbeat and confident that the economy will turn around in the future, there are immediate issues that everyone still has to confront.”

She said the continued climate played an important role in JNMS’ decision to re-position its summer promotions this year. The organisation has, therefore, embarked on a programme to provide more tangible “give backs” to customers.

“This year we have focused our promotion on granting cash rewards to our customers at home and abroad that they can use to offset some of the financial costs incurred at this time of year,” she explained noting that the country was entering the preparation for the “back-to-school” period.

The 2011 summer promotion, under the banner: Big Winnings for Back to School will give both remitters and receivers an opportunity to win a share of J$1 million between July 25 and September 16.

For a chance to win, JN Money Transfer customers must collect remittances using their JN Money Transfer Cards. They will also qualify if they use the cards to make purchases. Ms. Kow explained that the cards, which can be used in a similar manner to debit cards, can be accessed at no cost from any Jamaica National Building Society branch.

“These cards can be used at automated teller machines, or point of sale terminals, similar to the debit card. And, the more you use it, the greater your chance of winning a share of the one million dollars in rewards we will offer throughout the summer!” she remarked. One lucky customer in Jamaica will receive J$35,000 each week, and the lucky remitter will also win a cash prize. Depending on the market, senders will get the chance to win CAN$400 in Canada; US$400 in the United States of America; CI$400 in the Cayman Islands and GBP200 in the United Kingdom.

The General Manager pointed out that in addition to the cash rewards, JNMS will also fund the school expenses of four students. The scholarships are valued at $25,000 each she said, and the recipients will be selected randomly.

“The lucky money transfer receiver will get the chance to choose the scholarship beneficiary who has to be enrolled in a primary or secondary school. The funds will then be paid over to the respective institution or company from which expenses are made,” Ms. Kow said putting into perspective the company’s commitment to education.

JNMS is a major contributor to the Jamaica Partnership for Education, a project which is targeted to eliminate illiteracy in Jamaican schools by 2015. The company raises money for the project from remitters overseas.

Leesa Kow (left), General Manager, JN Money Services Limited greets winners in last year’s JN Money Transfer Back-to-School Promotion, Juliet Brown and Garfield Wilson at the JNMS offices on Trafalgar Road in New Kingston. JN Money Transfer is, this year, offering cash rewards to both money transfer senders and receivers as part of its back-to-school activities. The company will also grant four scholarships to students valued at $25,000 each.

“We understand the challenges that many Jamaicans, at home and abroad, continue to face at this time; and rewards such as these, can go a far way in not just offsetting some of the costs, but contribute meaningfully to the education of our children,” Ms. Kow said. “We are optimistic that we will emerge from these challenges; but, we can also assist to influence our rise from adversity by providing meaningful offerings.”

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