Jetblue CEO Issues Apology to Jamaican Government and People of Jamaica

JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act
JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes

[KINGSTON, Jamaica] –  Chief Executive Officer of JetBlue Airways, Robin Hayes, issued a personal apology to the Jamaican Government and the people of Jamaica earlier today.  This following the recent controversial actions of one of the company’s employees. Mr. Hayes conveyed his sentiments during a phone call with Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett, who has welcomed the apology.

“I was very heartened by the discussion I had with Mr. Hayes earlier today. His apology to our Prime Minister; the Government; members of the tourism team and the people of Jamaica was well received. We know that the actions of the employee are in no way a reflection of the standards of Jetblue,” said Bartlett.

“We look forward to strengthening our relationship with the airline moving forward.  Especially as JetBlue remains a valued tourism partner,” he added.

“Jamaica remains a premier destination. We will continue to provide the world class service and tourism product, which have allowed Jamaica to become the destination of choice for millions of visitors from across the globe. We will also continue to work along with Jetblue and all our other committed tourism partners in building brand Jamaica,” Minister Bartlett expressed.

In conclusion, it was also highlighted that the crewmember has been suspended while the company continues its investigation.



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