Janice McIntosh Takes Her Talents to Blue Mahoe Capital

Janice McIntosh - Blue Mahoe Capital
Janice McIntosh
Chief Of Staff/ CMO
Blue Mahoe Capital Partners Inc.

[SOUTH FLORIDA] –  Where is Janice McIntosh now?  Janice McIntosh was the face of Jamaica National in South Florida since 2009, when she took up the role of Chief Representative Officer.  But this year she left JN to take up a new role and South Florida Caribbean News has had the opportunity to sit down with Janice, to learn more about her career move. Plus what was the driving factor that led her to take her talents to the investment management company, Blue Mahoe Capital.

Q: What have you been up to these days since leaving Jamaica National?

A:  I left JN in January 2021 to join Blue MAHOE Capital, which is a private investment firm creating opportunities for investors anxious to get in on the action of Jamaica’s stock exchange which was dubbed by Bloomberg as the world’s best-performing in 2018.  Additionally, I still am very active in the Jamaica diaspora and my community through work with various associations, boards and sporting teams.

Q: What exactly is your position at Blue MAHOE Capital (BMC)?

A:  I am the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief of Staff.  Both roles are familiar to me, however at Blue Mahoe Capital our market is not only Jamaicans, because we seek to educate Americans and other Caribbean nationals about the opportunities available for investment in the region.  Many of our Caribbean countries are experiencing tremendous growth and development and have created wealth for some small investors but future returns on those investments are imminent and we want to give people an opportunity to get in on the action.   So my job is to help support my team to ensure that we help those potential investors to get familiar with our markets to foster investment.

Q; How has it been navigating through COVID and a career change?

A:  It hasn’t been easy for anyone, having the world practically come to a standstill during the pandemic.  But it gave me ample time to reassess my life and goals.  I realize that the key to success and growth is to step out in faith and reposition yourself.  You have to be dynamic and resilient in this changing world.   So, I have been learning to rely more on technology, and have been trying to jostle to find a way to strengthen BMC’s position in a platform that now has many more digital players.  But this has been exhilaratingly challenging and rewarding.  Leaving my old position during the pandemic was no doubt risky, but I knew I would find my ‘parachute’ when I jumped.  I believe that even amid fear and doubt, when you are still able to exercise your faith, that will be your greatest testimony.

Q: What has been the biggest difference fundamentally working now?

A:  Like most of the world, I now work primarily remotely and my job at Blue Mahoe Capital does not resemble anything I’ve ever done before.  We’re paperless, technologically progressive and I currently work an intense 4-day week.  Despite the pandemic, all of the savvy folks at Blue Mahoe are able to meet on occasion to form a great corporate bond and support each other.

Community Efforts

Q: Is there anything that you miss doing in the community?

A: You know I will always answer that question with ‘the people’, but aside from immediate family and those types of get-togethers, most in person gatherings have paused and so the opportunity to be out hasn’t always presented itself. I was able to go to a few events and saw people I hadn’t seen in a while and the camaraderie and friendship are still there. As things slowly open back up, I will be back out there to more in person meetings. I think in my former role I made some great connections with people that transcended my job and we are still great friends today. I always love interacting with people and when I was able to help with the resolution of an issue, it was my greatest joy.

Q: Your position at JN had a far reaching impact in the Jamaica Diaspora, how was this possible?

A:  My role at JN was multifaceted, but what I enjoyed most of all was bringing our product to the market, and our market was the diaspora and those interested or who we could pique their interests, in doing business in Jamaica.  To do that, we had to be everywhere.  So, whenever there was an event where our demographic would be, I would ensure to get our company in the midst.  I aim to do some of the same thing with Blue Mahoe Capital, so please keep an eye out for me.     

Q: What was it about Blue MAHOE Capital (BMC) that attracted you?

A:  Our CEO, David Mullings recruited me having known me since the early 2000s.  He is a visionary, ambitious, tenacious and is super intelligent and  I was inspired by his vision for a better Caribbean and by extension Jamaican Diaspora.   He wants to promote investments in the Caribbean and Jamaica which will ultimately give our many talented people access to opportunities and support.   The Caribbean is our special place, and because of our individual sizes we’ve been underserved, but through the work BMC is doing, investment in our start-ups and dreams, can lead to great things for our region.

Q: How do you see you and BMC impacting people’s lives?

A: I see them making that bold move to help change perception of the Caribbean people and of course Jamaica. Jamaican’s have been excelling on the world stage for decades but not all of our accomplishments are known and celebrated. However, what is widely known is our culture through our music and sport. What I know BMC is capable of doing, is being able to create opportunities for underrepresented people. Specifically, by bringing all means necessary to allow budding talent to flourish. There are scientists, entrepreneurs, inventors, movie stars, professors and so much more to be discovered and with the plan of BMC through diversity, equity & inclusion, we are going to make it happen.


Q: What do your think has prepared you most for this new challenge?

A: I think big and I dream big. I am also someone with tremendous faith in God. As much as I would feel prepared to take on any challenge, I usually pray about it and then boldly step out in faith. That, coupled with the support of my husband and my children, I never walk alone.

Q: What’s next for Janice McIntosh?

A: Next is what I’m doing currently.  And so next, would be helping and seeing BMC achieve it’s goal and vision for future development and growth in the Caribbean.  I also believe I was born to serve and that will continue to be my life’s mission. There is always a need no matter where you go or what you do to make an impact. It’s ‘people’ that make up institutions. Therefore,  finding that connection is always beneficial to creating a better more inclusive world. My future is always bright because of Who Lights my path.

Janice firmly believes in her new company. And, is confident they will be making a huge impact not just with the Jamaican community. But, within the wider Caribbean and Caribbean-American communities.





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