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Jamaica’s PM Holness Touts Effort Towards National Consensus to Tackle Problems

Jamaica's PM Holness Touts Effort Towards National Consensus to Tackle Problems
Prime Minister, Hon. Andrew Holness, delivers the keynote address at a dinner given in his honor on Sunday, September 29, by Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Her Excellency Audrey Marks, at her residence in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Photo Derrick Scott

by Derrick Scott

Washington, DC – Prime Minister the Hon. Andrew Holness said the Government of Jamaica was working towards a national consensus to tackle several problems currently facing the country.

“The consensus we are aiming to achieve is not only geared towards addressing our economic problems.  If we can achieve this to address the economic problems, we can do the same for crime and violence, infrastructure, and public sector reform to bring corruption under control.  The same model can be used to achieve social consensus to bring all parties together, recognizing that there is a crisis, put partisanship aside to make a national effort effective”.

Delivering the keynote address at a dinner given in his honour by Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Her Excellency Audrey P. Marks, at her residence in Chevy Chase, Maryland, on Sunday, September 29, Prime Minister Holness told the more than 130 guests that there was a time when the national ethos was that, we can’t change.  “However, I believe the ethos has changed and that the average Jamaican feels that the future is good.   They feel a sense of optimism returning to the country.”

Despite the optimism, poverty still runs at about twenty percent, “a number we need to move to zero,” the Prime Minister asserted, adding that the Government had not forgotten its social responsibility, hence the introduction of several social programmes.

Holness announced that the Government will launch its National Educational Transformation Programme which will examine the educational system to ensure it is aligned to meet the requirements of a modern economy.  He further stated that this programme would be launched in early 2020.

Prime Minister Holness urged the audience to take advantage of the myriad investment opportunities available in Jamaica.  “If you are looking for a place to invest, do business, and raise a family, Jamaica is that place,” the Prime Minister said.  Members of the Diaspora were lauded for the tremendous contributions they continue to make to Jamaica as well as to their adopted home – the United States.  He pointed out that Jamaicans continue to benefit in the areas of health and education and the country owes a debt of gratitude to members of the Diaspora, who continue to support the country.

The private soiree was attended by several Government ministers and senators along with representatives from the business community, academia, members of the diplomatic corps, and US Government officials.

Mr. Holness, who was on an official two-day visit to Washington, also met with US Vice President Mike Pence on Monday, October 1st when they discussed a wide range of topics pertaining to Jamaica and the Caribbean before returning home.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Minister of Finance and the Public Service Dr. Nigel Clarke, Senators Aubyn Hill and Robert Morgan Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister.

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