Jamaica’s Minister of Tourim, McNeill Welcomes Investment in Jamaica’s Tourism Sector

Kingston, Jamaica – Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism and Entertainment, the Hon. Dr. Wykeham McNeill is encouraging potential investors to invest in the island’s tourism sector, which he underscores has significant potential for further growth. Speaking during the ‘Invest in Tourism Roundtable’ session, held as part of the Jamaica Investment Forum 2012 held at the Montego Bay Convention Centre, and which ended on Friday March 2, the Minister pointed to key areas that can attract both foreign direct and local investment to boost the tourism sector and the local economy.

Minister McNeill noted that “opportunities or ‘low hanging fruits’ for leveraging our traditional strengths as well as attracting investment to diversify the tourism product in Jamaica are numerous. Among the priority areas identified are, health tourism, community tourism, entertainment and cultural tourism, and sports tourism.”

In urging potential investors to invest in Jamaica’s tourism industry Dr. McNeill, stressed that “Jamaica is ripe for investment and our industry has continued to grow despite the global economic crisis. I encourage investors to come on-board and invest in the tourism sector here in Jamaica and we look forward to forging very strong and lucrative partnerships in the future.”

In highlighting the potential of health tourism Minister McNeill said “we have great opportunities in this area including the refurbishing of two of Jamaica’s most famous spas, the Milk River Hotel and Spa in Clarendon and the Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa in St. Thomas. However, these and other health related facilities present on-going opportunities for real transformation into major attractions in the international health tourism market as well as the area of offshore health care.”

Minister of Tourism and Entertainment, Hon. Dr. Wykeham McNeill, addresses potential investors and tourism partners at the ‘Invest in Tourism Roundtable’ session, during the just concluded Jamaica Investment Forum 2012 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in St. James.

Turning to entertainment and cultural tourism as well as sports tourism, Minister McNeill added that “the strength of our cultural output in music, dance, cuisine, literary and other art forms, as well as our record-shattering sporting performances have not, by any means, been fully explored or exploited. The fact that the Ministry is now responsible for Tourism AND Entertainment shows the commitment of the government to leveraging these synergies.”

The Minister said “aggressive use of the obvious link between tourism, entertainment and sports opens investment opportunities for entertainment complexes, recreational facilities and cultural venues that are unique to Jamaica.”

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