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Jamaica’s Governor-General Challenges Corporate Jamaica to Help Inspire Hope

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica’s Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Dr. Patrick Allen, has challenged corporate Jamaica to determine ways in which it can help to inspire hope, confidence and pride in the country, by Jamaicans.

He stressed that as good corporate entities, the companies can use their high profile images to carry the message, ‘I believe’, far and wide across Jamaica, wherever they conduct business, so “that hope may be born and sustained in the hearts of our youth, who now cannot see a clear and certain future.”

The Governor-General was speaking on Tuesday (March 3), at an awards ceremony, held by Guardian Life Limited, at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston.

He said that the entry of Guardian Life into the insurance industry 10 years ago might have been considered an unwise decision; however, the organisation has excelled over the years, and has provided excellent service throughout the country.

“That decision by Guardian Life Limited inspired hope in an industry where several of the major players faced financial ruin and clients were uncertain about the security of their investment. It is that kind of hope and confidence in our abilities that I believe that we should seek to rekindle in all Jamaica,” he said.

The Governor-General argued that based on the achievements of the organisation in a relatively short time, he was confident that Guardian Life would continue to grow.

Dr. Allen informed that in 2002, the company settled a total of $529.3 million in annualised premium income, noting that “this represented the highest amount ever underwritten by a single insurance company in the history of the industry in Jamaica.”

“This is a remarkable feat and the employees being recognised today, no doubt, played an integral role in this achievement as well as the overall success that you are experiencing. You are therefore worthy recipients of the accolades that are being bestowed upon you, for your hard work,” he added.

Dr. Allen said that through collaborative efforts, creative ways would be found to keep the company financially secure, despite the financial clouds that loom ahead.

“The success of your company is no doubt based on the core values of integrity, respect for self and respect for others and a commitment to do well. By adhering to these values and principles and through your carefully planned and developed corporate structures, Guardian Life, which has established a solid foundation, will continue to grow in the years ahead,” he said.

“I wish to congratulate all the employees who have come today to be recognised. I commend you for your hard work, and your commitment to Guardian Life. I trust that you will continue to excel in everything that you do to improve your personal and professional and corporate life, and I believe that your commitment to your company will also be replicated in the nation,” he told the awardees.

He encouraged the organisation to place integrity, good customer service and professionalism at the forefront of its operations.

Employees from various departments and branches at Guardian Life Limited were presented with awards for their exemplary service to the organisation.

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