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Jamaican Innovation to help Flint Michigan residents

Servants Without Borders goes to Jamaica to #ShowerFlint

Washington, DC – Members from Servants Without Borders, a Washington, DC non-profit, will travel to Kingston, Jamaica to discuss supply chain solutions with AquaFlow Owner Jovan Evans, and promote the #ShowerFlint campaign.

Jovan Evans
Jovan Evans

Through its #ShowerFlint campaign, Servants Without Borders has partnered with Jovan Evans, Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean’s (BCoEC) entrepreneur and creator of the Pump-n-Spray, to aid Flint residents as they weather this environmental disaster.

Jovan created the Pump-n-Spray for individuals who live in areas where there is a consistent lack access to running water. The product transforms a 4 or 5-gallon bottle of water into a portable shower with the same pressure as a standard indoor shower.

Over the past few months, Servants Without Borders has worked with civic leaders to develop strategies to bring relief to citizens of Flint, Michigan (USA).

Through crowdfunding, a team of members and volunteers completed their first distribution of nearly 200 Pump-n-Spray on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at Second Chance Church in Flint. A second distribution is planned in the coming weeks.

Since March 22nd, Servants Without Borders has received more than 450 requests for portable showers from Flint residents. Supporters can spread the word by using the hashtag #ShowerFlint.

To donate to #ShowerFlint, please visit

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