Jamaican, Rev. Dr. Coretta Mathie Receives President’s Lifetime Achievement Awards

Rev. Dr. Coretta Mathie Receives President’s Lifetime Achievement Awards

Rev. Dr. Coretta Mathie in the office of the Chaplain for the US Senate (file photo)

[WASHINGTON, DC] – On Friday December 3, 2021 Jamaican born Rev. Dr. Coretta Mathie became the first known Jamaican to receive the President’s Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Biden Administration. The award was presented to her by Ambassadors from the United Nations in honor of her work. This award is the highest award that can be received in the humanitarian area of recognition. The award is bestowed on those who have more than a decade of documented accomplishments contributing to significant impact on large numbers of individuals and organizations.

Dr. Mathie is an adjunct professor teaching concurrently at multiple tertiary institutions, she is a registered nurse, business woman and humanitarian. She is the founder of Spirit of the Most High Ministry and Mission of Hope and Grace Charity. It is a Florida based (501c3) organization. She has been working in the areas of health and wellness and education for the past two decades and this award solidifies the work that she has been doing to advocate for global change in these areas.

Strategic White House Meetings

Dr. Mathie was also the first Caribbean female faith-based leader to be invited to the White House. In 2018 under the Trump Administration she attended high level strategic meetings. During that visit, she met with Directors and Senior Advisors of bilateral agencies within the US government. In an effort to explore opportunities for mission partnerships towards structural advancement of helping Caribbean nations. Specifically to address global health, education, crime, civil crisis and holistic approaches to human empowerment. The aim of these meetings was to empower Caribbean countries to be self sufficient during times of disasters. Especially without depending on other countries for assistance.

According to the Rev. Dr. “when I am in the trenches focused on the work, the rewards are never at the forefront, so this award is a motivating tool that encourages me to do more. It is such an honor to be recognized on this level by the President of the United States.

Other dignitaries such as His Royal Majesty Eze Nnabugo Ikechukwu Ezeanyika Okosisi VI (King of Urualla Kingdom Imo State Nigeria, West Africa and his sister the Princess, Kenya’s Senior Director of Chaplaincy, National and Family Values in the Office of the Deputy President were also in attendance.

Dr. Mathie recently concluded serving as Director of Women’s Affairs and Caribbean Diaspora Liaison to the White House. She continues to work closely with her successors as senior advisor.

Her aim is to further enhance but not limited to the advancement of the Caribbean and African diaspora by working closely with organizations associated with education, health and wellness, sex trafficking, and gender-based violence. Dr. Mathie says she is blessed to help others and will continue to do so until she is no more.



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