Jamaican Consul General Confers with Miramar Officials Regarding Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora Project

MIRAMAR – City of Miramar elected officials hosted a meeting with Consul General of Jamaica, the Honorable Franz Hall and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, the Honorable Arnaldo Brown on Monday, October 27, 2014. The meeting was held to discuss the Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora Project, geared towards gathering demographic data to help identify skills abroad that can be harnessed for Jamaica’s national development.

In partnership with the International Organization for Migration and launched in the Northeast, the project is expanding to Southeast cities. Because of its large Jamaican residency, Miramar was chosen as an ideal City to take part in this endeavor.

Participants of Jamaican heritage by birth, descent, marriage, naturalization or registration are asked to take a survey that will be kept in a database and used to inform the Government of Jamaica on skills, experiences and interests of those in the Diaspora that can support development in Jamaica.

For additional information, participants can log on to www.mapjadiaspora.iom.int

L-R: Commissioner Alexandra P. Davis, Vice Mayor Yvette Colbourne, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Arnaldo Brown, Mayor Lori C. Moseley, Consul General of Jamaica, Franz Hall, Commissioner Winston F. Barnes, Commissioner Wayne M. Messam.
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