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Jamaican Companies Showcasing Products At ExpoComer 2016

Jamaican companies target Central America for export at ExpoComer 2016

Kingston, Jamaica – Five Jamaican companies will head to Panama to show their products at Central America’s largest trade exhibition Exposición Comercial Internacional ( ExpoComer ) on March 9-12, 2016.

The Jamaican delegation, led by the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), will be the second group of companies promoting Jamaican products for export at the annual ExpoComer event, which is attended by thousands of wholesalers, distributors and retailers from over 37 countries.

LASCO Manufacturing Limited, GulfRay Americas Manufacturing, Avantqual Ltd., Grace Kennedy Ltd. and Continental Baking Company make up the private sector delegation who will be meeting with buyers to develop leads for export to Central and Latin America. The companies hope to establish new distribution relationships in Central America while expanding their access to that region.

ExpoComer has the capacity to create a large number of prospects including landing trade and other lucrative business opportunities. In 2015, the organizers reported that the event generated approximately US$124 million over three days.

JAMPRO has partnered with the Jamaica Honorary Consul in Panama to provide support to the participating local companies. In addition to exhibiting at the trade show, the list of activities in Panama includes business-to-business (B2B) meetings, trade visits, and meetings with government stakeholders and regulatory agencies. The mission is in keeping with JAMPRO’s strategy to develop and execute sustainable market penetration programmes, while simultaneously building strategic partnerships and networks.

Robert Scott, Vice President of Export and Market Development at JAMPRO
Robert Scott, Vice President of Export and Market Development at JAMPRO

As the Agency explores a variety of methods to support Jamaican companies in their efforts to access regional markets, Robert Scott, Vice President of Export and Market Development at JAMPRO explained that JAMPRO is intent on providing assistance to export ready companies that are interested in accessing new markets.

He said, “Jamaican exporters are excited by the possibilities in Panama and some are ready to do the persistent marketing necessary to gain access. We have seen from recent trade missions (to traditional markets such as Canada) that the demand for Jamaican products is growing, so we want to translate this success to regional markets as well. We were very satisfied with the results from our participation in last year’s show, which gave us the impetus to visit the market in October 2015 and to attend this year’s trade show. We are focused on sustained interventions while collaborating with partners in Central America to further the reach of Jamaican products internationally.”

JAMPRO will assist exporters with cementing their access to the Central American Market. In so doing, the Agency is in dialogue with the Panama World Trade and Investment Foundation, the Panama Chamber of Commerce, and other bodies. These connections the Agency says is critical to increasing access for Jamaican products in Panama and other Central American countries.




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