Jamaican-born Designer Glenroy March presents latest collection at NY Fashion Week

Glenroy March Presents Stunning All-White Collection 

 NEW YORK– Patrons attending the Fall 2018 presentation by Jamaican-born New York designer Glenroy March were effusive of praise for House of D’Marsh which unveiled its Fall 2018 collection during New York Fashion Week (NYFW), recently.

The lobby of trendy and elegant Row NYC Hotel was transformed into an autumn setting with leaves strewn around area, serving as the perfect backdrop for Cygne de L’automne.

According to the Glenroy March, the all-white Fall 2018 collection was inspired by his visit to China. “During my visit to China last year for my first show, I saw the swans for which I have an affinity. It was then that I received my inspiration to put together this year’s collection. I was moved by the grace and elegance of the long-necked birds and the manner in which they greeted each other and wanted to capture that along with the beauty of their feathers,” noted March.

Jamaica-born designer Glenroy March Presents Stunning All-White Collection During New York Fashion Week

The 12-piece collection embodies the years of mastered craftsmanship and comprised a mix of looks ranging from cocktail dresses to formal dresses and evening gowns for today’s woman to shirts and jackets, paired with kilts for the trendy and outgoing man.

The presentation was a total team effort with support from Theo Hanson, creative producer/director; DaNisha Green, stylist and makeup by Neveen Dominic.

Caribbean Food Delights (CFD), the leading Caribbean frozen food manufacturer of Jamaican style patties, celebrating 40 years in business, served as title sponsor. Other sponsors include Dream Castle Villa, a luxurious villa in Montego Bay where you can live like royalty and Miss Dream Castle Pageant, an annual pageant promoting beauty and service; Fashion Mingle, the first nationwide network for fashion industry professionals; ModelHub, a network for aspiring models and creative professionals and Row Hotel. Other sponsors include Cherry Chau Paris, the renowned Chinese based accessory designer which provided the handmade couture hats, L’Oréal, which donated products and T’Mobile, which provided gift bags for all attendees.

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