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Jamaica’s People’s National Party to Tour the Diaspora in 2022

[KINGSTON, Jamaica] – In recognition of Jamaica’s 60th Diamond Jubilee in August 2022, the Leader of the Opposition along with a delegation of the  senior leadership of the People’s National Party will embark on a tour of the Jamaican Diaspora community.

Tour Schedule

The tour will take the delegation to the United States July 14-22, 2022 where they will visit Florida, Washington, DC, Georgia and New York. All of which have sizable Jamaican Diaspora populations.

The delegation will tour the United Kingdom October 6-8, 2022 and later in Canada.

The People’s National Party has long regarded the diaspora as a key stakeholder in the development of our nation. In addition, continues to advocate for greater involvement in the affairs of their homeland.

Engaging the Diaspora

The PNP believes that  it is important  to engage Jamaicans in the diaspora. In addition, include them in national conversations. Especially, as our policies not only affect those who live here but also those who have an interest in returning to the country of their birth.

The Leader of the Opposition will use the occasion to celebrate Jamaica’s 60th anniversary of independence with all Jamaicans in the Diaspora. To praise their steadfast loyalty to the country of their birth, and to celebrate their contributions to their adopted homelands.

Jamaica is a country without borders. The Leader of the Opposition believes it prudent to use the occasion of our Diamond Jubilee to embrace Jamaicans wherever they reside.

Dr Dayton Campbell - Jamaica's People's National Party
Dr Dayton Campbell

“The intention and unwavering commitment of the Opposition is to unite around a common purpose of nation building so that we can fulfill our critical constitutional role for the betterment of Jamaica. To this end, we believe connecting with the Diaspora is critical”, said Dr Dayton Campbell, PNP General Secretary.

The Diaspora as a stakeholder group maintains strong connections to their family in Jamaica. More importantly, their support of the Jamaican economy is unquestionable. Their Jamaican identity is indelible and is a tremendous asset to the nation. In addition, the intellectual competencies of the Diaspora remain underutilized in contributing to the ongoing betterment of Jamaica land we love.

The Opposition will provide greater detail on the tour in the coming weeks.


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