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Jamaica Must Invest in Creating Leaders

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica – Jamaica’s Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports, Senator Warren Newby, has said that developing countries such as Jamaica must invest in creating leaders in order to be competitive in the global arena.

“Our capacity to build leaders will indicate where we will go in the world,” Senator Newby stated as he gave the keynote address at the St. James Parish Council’s Junior Mayor competition held last week at the Montego Bay Civic Centre.

Jamaica Must Invest in Creating Leaders
Jamaica’s Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports, Senator Warren Newby
According to Senator Newby, the country’s leadership is being challenged by a variety of situations such as severe economic pressures, the national debt and low productivity, but must nevertheless be diligent, have a sense of purpose, be pragmatic and courageous, while “showing an understanding of the global challenges in which we are being called upon to operate”.

“It is therefore incumbent on leadership not to be content with the conditions as is but to clearly articulate, to clearly lead a process that will take us out of the current conditions into one which is better than the one in which we find ourselves. This is a call on leadership to think outside of the box,” he stated.

He lauded the organizers of the competition, which he said, “is integral in the trust to develop youth leaders across our country. The St. James Parish Council must be commended for the support and leadership it has given to this program over the years”.

In the competition which followed, 17 junior councilors made well researched and spirited presentations on various topics, with Michael Nattoo of the Cambridge High School in South St. James emerging victorious and winning the coveted Junior Mayor title.

His presentation was on the topic: ‘Is the local authority doing enough to prepare the people of St. James for mitigating natural disasters?’

For his victory, Michael also received a $15,000 bursary from Minister of Water and Housing and Member of Parliament for North West St. James,
Dr. Horace Chang; the Mayor of Montego Bay trophy; a $5,000 book grant from Jamaica Public Service Company; and other gifts and certificates.

All the junior councilors received gifts and certificates from the St. James Parish Council.

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