Jamaica House celebrates Jamaica 50 in London with ‘Art Jamaica in Fashion’

London, England – Jamaica House 2012 will be celebrating Jamaica’s 50th year of independence with a special art exhibition titled ‘Art Jamaica in Fashion’ from Jamaican art curator Mrs. Theresa Roberts and fashion designer Sharmain Forde scheduled for Independence Day, Monday August 6th in the North Greenwich Arena, London.

The ‘Art Jamaica in Fashion’ show presents an exhibition of fashion inspired by art, staged by Art Jamaica in collaboration with Sharmain Forde Couture. The exhibition celebrates elements of Jamaican culture which are world class, but rarely exposed outside of Jamaica. Sharmain Forde has created 20 pieces each inspired by a different work in the Art Jamaica collection.

Jamaica 50 in London with ‘Art Jamaica in Fashion’Jamaica House 2012, taking place from August 3 -12, is the official national house for the country in London and serves as the base of Jamaica’s National Olympic Committee. The initiative seeks to capture Brand Jamaica in every way when the eyes of the world are focused on Jamaica during the London 2012 Summer Olympics. With the addition of ‘Art Jamaica in Fashion’, Jamaica House will truly capture the island’s cultural entirety.

According to Theresa Roberts, particular emphasis was placed on choosing pieces of art that represented different eras in Jamaica’s progress as an independent country for the creation of the collection. The result of this careful planning has resulted in an art and fashion show which joyfully celebrates and demonstrates Jamaica’s rich post-colonial cultural heritage.

“I am honoured to have been given this wonderful opportunity by my country to showcase the best of Jamaican culture to the world,” Mrs. Roberts added.

Mrs. Roberts is involved in numerous United Kingdom arts projects such as: DRIFT – installations on the River Thames; New Hall Art Collection, Cambridge University – a permanent collection of modern and contemporary art by women artists, with the exhibition of Jamaican women artists at Murray Edwards College in 2010; and the establishment of the International Slavery Museum, forming part of Liverpool’s National Museums. Ms. Roberts has also launched her own commercial gallery, ‘Black Circle’ to give exposure to Jamaican artists currently under represented in Europe.

Sharmain Forde is a fashion and interior designer of Jamaican heritage who has embraced a wide range of influences, defying traditional limitations and creating new forms in fashion and design. Born in London, Jamaica has been a ‘touchstone’ throughout her career, influencing her colour, texture and silhouette choices.

“Jamaican Independence is my independence”, Forde expressed.

The Jamaica House 2012 initiative is organized by JAMPRO, the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) and the Jamaica 50 Secretariat.

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