Jamaica high school Alumni associations in South Florida to meet to jointly to discuss joint projects

MIAMI – Members of several alumni associations representing primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Jamaica will meet on Saturday, August 26 to share ideas on how the groups can undertake joint projects to benefit schools in Jamaica.

Under the leadership of the Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board representative for the Southern USA, Mr. Marlon Hill, the group will convene at the Florida Atlantic University in Davie, as part of the ongoing efforts of the Jamaican Diaspora to forge partnerships in the interest of the country’s economic development and at the same time enhancing the impact of the Diaspora in their respective communities abroad.

Fifty alumni association chapters are currently functioning as non-profit organizations in Florida representing their alma mater in Jamaica.

Through annual fundraisers and mission trips, over the years, members of those organizations have been contributing meaningfully to the development of those alma maters through a variety of projects including annual scholarships, lunch-feeding programs, ongoing donation of supplies and equipment, mentoring programs, mission groups to assist in development programs, as well as contributions to erection of additional buildings at some schools.

On the other hand, members of alumni groups have also participated in community outreach programs in their respective communities abroad.

Following the June 2004 historic launch of the National Diaspora Conference in Jamaica, members of some Florida-based alumni chapters of Jamaican schools have begun to meet collectively to coordinate efforts for resource development and collaboration. Those meetings were initiated by Dr. Rupert Rhodd, President of the Florida chapter of Wolmer’s High School.

“This meeting will continue to develop capacity and effectiveness of those associations in their ongoing programs at home and within the Diaspora,” according to Advisory Board member for Southern USA, Marlon Hill.

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