Jamaica 2 RAHTID a hit in Florida

CORAL SPRINGS – Riding high on their ten Actor Boy nominations, the cast of Aston Cooke’s Jamaica 2 Rahtid gave a solid performance to a sold-out audience at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts in Florida last Sunday. (March 12). It was a fitting finale to wrap up four shows in Florida over two week-ends.

The revue played in North Miami and Palm Beach a week earlier drawing over eleven hundred patrons before closing the run in Tampa and Coral Springs to approximately eighteen hundred satisfied patrons.

Deon Silvera – a favorite to Florida audiences – along with Dahlia Harris, Christopher Daley, Everaldo Creary and Christopher McFarlane were outstanding as they changed characters from skit to skit effortlessly.

Silvera and Harris shone brightly as the hilarious duo of Ray-Ray and Tay-Tay, in ‘Dollar Store’ and ‘Trevor’s Last Bashment’. They showed their range switching to up-town characters, in ‘Tea Time’, going across class barriers.
McFarlane largely plays the straight man of the jokes, but he was quite convincing as a ‘queen’ in ‘Operation Kingfish’, another excellent piece that had the audience in stitches.

Daley showed his talent and was outstanding in ‘Cricket War’ and ‘The Case of the Missing File’ which got robust applause and cat calls from the audience at the close of those skits.
Creary, did a great job in ‘Man a Gallis’ and ‘Cricket War’, but it was in ‘Bar Talk” that he was brilliant, and showed why he received the Prime Minister’s award for Arts and Culture.

Director Michael Nicholson expressed surprise at how ‘in-tune’ the Florida audience was with current events in Jamaica. “Now I see why they call here Kingston 21,” he commented. “Pieces I thought they would not fully appreciate went over well; this speaks volume for the writing as Aston has managed to poke fun at local issues in a manner that relates even to a foreign audience”.

The musical numbers, written by Grub Cooper of Fab 5 fame along with the choreography of Orville Hall and the direction of Michael Nicholson makes Jamaica 2 Rahtid one hilarious revue.

Jamaica 2 Rahtid was presented by Jamaica Awareness and Riddims Marketing and was sponsored by Air Jamaica, Grace Foods and Western Union.

Members of the cast and crew of Jamaica 2 Rahtid celebrate with promoters Eddy Edwards of Riddims Marketing (left) and Miss Jamaica Florida Kara-Ann Boyne (2nd Left) along with Sydney Roberts (center) after a sold-out show in Coral Springs, Florida Photo by: Dreamy Riley

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