Jah Nyne Pays Tribute to his Daughter on His Name Is Jesus

by Howard Campbell

NASSAU, Bahamas – A popular reggae singer in The Bahamas, Sean “Jah Nyne” Rolle has sung the praises of Jah Rastafari since his youth. But for his latest project, he helps his daughter extol the greatness of Christianity’s most celebrated son.

Jay Nyne Hs Name is JesusHis Name is Jesus is a collaboration with the veteran artist and his daughter, Trinity Kenya Rolle. It was released in July, 17 months after she died from cancer at age 20.

Trinity was a student at Bethune-Cookman University, an historically-black college in Daytona, Florida. In February last year, eight months after being diagnosed with a rare form of leg cancer and three months away from graduating, she died.

Her mother, Jonetta Stubbs, discovered the vocals to His Name is Jesus on her iPhone and passed it on to Jah Nyne. He immediately wrote a deejay reggae slot and added music to complement his daughter’s soulful delivery.

Jah Nyne said “tears flowed” when he first heard Trinity’s vocals. As for the finished product, he stated: “It uplifts me.”

Trinity was studying for a Music Recording Technology degree. Musically-active since childhood, she was also a member of Bethune-Cookman University’s choir.

Known for songs like In The Name of Jah and Hungry Pickney, Jah Nyne is heavily influenced by Bob Marley. He said he felt a “deep sense of spirituality” recording the song with his child whom he described as “humble, patient, strong, outgoing and God-fearing.”

Last year, while still recovering from the loss of their daughter, Jah Nyne and Jonetta Stubbs were presented with her degree from Bethune-Cookman University. She graduated summa cum laude.


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