Jack Daniel’s Inaugural Black Achievers Awards Celebrates Miami’s Rich Black Entrepreneurial Spirit

SOUTH FLORIDA – Ten Miami-based changemakers were honored at the inaugural 2023 Black Achievers Award presented by Jack Daniel’s for their outstanding work in their respective fields. The award ceremony and mixer were created to recognize and celebrate South Florida’s Black professionals, community organizers, and activists who have made significant contributions to the South Florida community.

Jack Daniels partnered with local Black-owned women’s businesses to curate and produce the award’s presentation. The event closed out Black History month at the Historic Hampton House in Miami.

Changemakers and Trailblazers

Honorees included:

  • Isiah “Zaybo” Thomas (Co-founder-Roots Collective)
  • Whenda “Wanda” Tima (Founder L’Union Suite)
  • Stichiz (103.5 The Beat Radio Personality)
  • Dr. Geden Franck (Sports Medicine Physician-Memorial Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine)
  • Michaeljohn Green (Deputy Director of Economic Development-Miami-Dade County)
  • Barbara Jaques (Founder JACQ’S Skincare)
  • Ashley Gantt, Esq. (Florida State Representative)
  • Chanel T. Rowe, Esq. (Founding & Managing Partner at Uriel Law)
  • Daniel Agnew (Co-founder-Roots Collective)
  • James “Munch” Mungin (Roots Collective)
Jack Daniel's Inaugural Black Achievers Awards
South Florida’s Changemakers and Trailblazers
Photo Credit: Andre Dawson-876 Creative

The award’s presentation celebrated Jack Daniel’s brand commitment to highlighting and celebrating Black professionals and entrepreneurs in the South Florida market. The event was headed by LaJuane Mack, Region Multicultural Manager – Central at Brown-Forman. The invite-only event featured a vintage Black excellence theme that naturally flowed with the ambiance of the Hampton House’s decor.

Jack Daniel's Inaugural Black Achievers Awards

Event Curated by Three Black Women Owned Companies

The Black Achievers Awards event was curated by a collaborative venture by Black Miami women entrepreneurs. They are Alexis Brown – Founder of SocialXChange; Ernisha Randolph- Founder of Sweet Butter Hospitality Group; and Janéy Tate, Publisher of Hy-Lo News.

“We’re excited to come together and recognize our peers and new rising stars in South Florida. There is so much commentary about the brain drain and losing talent and millennial talent leaving South Florida, but this is a counter-narrative to that,” said Alexis Brown, Founder of SocialXChange. “The Black Achievers Awards celebrates what is great about Black South Florida and our contributions.”

The three Millennial Black women entrepreneurs joined forces to pull their resources and used their expertise in their industries with the mission to highlight the Black entrepreneurial leaders and community activists in South Florida.

“We are celebrating Black entrepreneurship and excellence and recognizing our Black entrepreneurial ecosystem who have undeniably impacted the South Florida community,” said Ernisha Randolph, Founder & CEO of Sweet Butter Hospitality Group and owner of We Shuckin restaurants.

The three women want to focus on people in the community who go unsung but deserve recognition.

“This is an amazing opportunity to work with great people to honor dope people from our community. I love that Jack Daniel’s is committed to being a brand that cares about the community and is committed to being plugged in by sponsoring the Black Achievers Awards,” said Janey Tate, Founder, and CEO of Tate Media Enterprises, which produces Hy-Lo News. “Hy-Lo News’ mission is to share the untold stories from the Black community in South Florida. This collaboration allows us to bring that work to life. I look forward to bringing more events like this to our community through this partnership.”


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