It’s the TEAM that Counts

TEAM that Counts
2014 FIFA World Cup Champions

by Jamar Wright – Mind Food International

[KINGSTON, Jamaica] –  In the 2014 FIFA world cup final hosted by Brazil, it was South American Powerhouses Brazil and Argentina who were the overwhelming favorites to win the tournament. Both teams had individual brilliance and global super stars. The likes of Neymar of Brazil and one of the greatest footballer Messi of Argentina. On paper these two teams had the better teams based on individual football statistics. Their teams were load with star players but as we all know football is not played on paper but on the field. As the tournament progressed football analysts quickly realized that both teams had stars but lacked chemistry and cohesion.

As the great basketballer Michael Jordan once said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”  The German team on the other hand didn’t have so many individual brilliance as Brazil and Argentina but the Germans had chemistry and solidity, they played as one, and operated effectively, they were like a well-oiled machine. The Germans eventual beat both southern American powerhouses, hammering Brazil 7-1 in the semi-finals and beating Argentina 1-0 in the finals to win the world cup.

If a leader is ever going to accomplish any significant, he or she must realize that one is too small of a number to fulfill such a purpose. A leader needs a great team. He or she must recruit the right people to accomplish the vision.

In the book “Good to Great” Jim Collins wrote about getting the right people on the bus, if you are going to turn your organization, club country, church or department around you must assemble the right team. A leader needs the individual brilliance like the team of Brazil and Argentina but a leader also needs the chemistry and cohesion like the German team to be effective if they are ever going to accomplish their vision.  You can’t be a leader and be a solo act, you need others. If one should really examine a solo act you will quickly realize deep below the surface that a solo act is really a team effort.

Usain Bolt the greatest sprinter of all time, has a mammoth of achievements in track and field which is a solo sport, but behind Usain Bolt is really a team that gets him into top shape before championship. He has a coach, manager, agent, pr team and masseur and probably more. His act is solo but behind this great man is a team that gets him ready for a solo act. The act might be solo but it takes a team effort to get him to the summit.

Climbing Mount Everest

If a leader has a mount Everest vision for their country, church, organization, or whatever institution they are a leading, you cannot climb Mount Everest without having the right team. Neither can you get to the summit by yourself. To achieve the impossible, one cannot venture on their own, they may start out as a soloist but as the vision grows and becomes more difficult it requires a team to reach the summit of your sojourn. Too often leaders make the silly mistake of going by themselves. They are seeking individual glory for themselves, so they try to do it alone, they are the lone ranger. We know however that lone rangers are not usually effective until their efforts are combined with others. Every leader needs the right team to get to the summit of their Mount Everest vision.

How Do I Assemble the Right Team for My Mission
  • Purpose

Every leader should decide what their purpose is before they assemble their team. In other words, assemble your team based on your purpose, how does each team member fit into your puzzle to accomplish what you intended to do? If the leader does not know his or her purpose you are going to put the wrong people on your team and this will lead to mayhem. Select based on your purpose.

  • Vision

Where are we heading as a team? If your vision this season as leader of a football club is to win the premier league, then you are going to need quality and experience team members on your team to lift this title. Your purpose and vision should play a heavy role in who you bring to your team.

  • Culture and Value

Every institution has culture and values, leaders are usually the ones which culture and values are derived from. Leader should choose the type of culture and value they want for the team member to flourish. If you have a toxic culture, it will destroy your team members. Also bring in individuals who has similar values as you and these team members are quicker to adopt your culture than those who don’t.

  • Develop Team member

Constant and never-ending improvement is the only way to guarantee that tomorrow will be better, to improve you and your team members. Simple put, you should train and develop your teams member to improve the quality of their team. The better your team the better the chances of success.

  • Chemistry

No matter how brilliant the individual team members are if you are not operating as one, if there is no unity and chemistry you will not go very far. It is like a plane with both engine pointing in opposite direction it will eventually self-destruct. Work on chemistry and cohesion within your team.

Every great feat, business idea or invention started with one single individual, but for it to bloom it requires a team with many diverse talents and skill to bring those ideas to fruition. That is why it is so important to have the right people on the team. As Jim Collin puts it “you must have the right people on the bus and the right people in their right seats.” It’s essential to success not only for a company but for every team. Like a jigsaw puzzle we must fit the right pieces in the right place.



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