ItaL rOOts RaDio will now be heard on iHeart Radio

New, LIVE episodes of ItaL rOOts RaDio (I.R.R.) will begin airing on iHeart Radio via Radio Regent today (October 23rd) at 3 p.m. EDT.

Journey through the art of Jamaican sound with the sister-pair of Italo-Canadians summoned and seduced by the drum and bass, for three-hours of music as they fitfully partake in talk, and news devouring le soup du jour, #REGGAE.

As announced on October 11th, 2018 Radio Regent is now on iHeart Radio, one of the largest radio mobile platforms. “Said to be the fastest-growing music service in Canada, iHeartRadio Canada has recorded an average of 1.8 million active listeners each month since its launch in October 2016, according to Bell Media.” (Billboard)

ItaL rOOts RaDio will now be heard on iHeart Radio

As registered voters of the Global Reggae Charts, I.R.R. co-hosts Sweet T and MAdCast-Fuji share some of their favourite albums, singles, riddims and insights during their 3-hour weekly tour across a broad Reggae landscape which spans from its roots and the Mecca of Jamaican music right across the globe.

This is a great opportunity to highlight Jamaican music, specifically Reggae, its predecessors and its offspring as Sweet T & MAdCast-Fuji continue to share, and explore its global influence. It is also a great opportunity for ItaL rOOts RaDio to expand its audience base.

Having this kind of exposure is a blessing and a responsibility we take seriously. Reggae Music called us and we are forever grateful.” ~ ST & MCF

In the SS18 season the I.R.R. sisters reasoned with Agent Sasco, Kabaka Pyramid, Kelissa, Iba Mahr, Koffee, Ammoye, and Blessed during their Inner Views segments.

Expect to hear the same treasurable selections of new roots and rockaz plus, plenty of laughter and more dialogue with Reggae music’s creators Tuesdays on ItaL rOOts RaDio from 3-6 p.m. EDT on iHeart Radio via Radio Regent.

Click here to listen to ItaL rOOts RaDio

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