Is Working from Home the New Normal?

Is Working from Home the New Normal?

The pandemic caused many Floridians to alter their lives. Instead of going to the office, many are now working from home. Initially, as with any new circumstances, there were challenges. However, after adapting to the new environment, it became a natural way of life. Today, with several COVID-19 vaccines administered to the population, businesses are now reopening. Some Floridians enjoy their current lifestyle and want to remain working from home. As with anything, there are pros and cons. If you’re considering becoming a remote worker, weigh these benefits and downfalls carefully to make sure the new environment benefits you. 

Businesses Offering Remote Work

Employees aren’t the only ones who find remote working beneficial. Big tech companies are also revising their policies to include the option of working from home. High-rise office buildings are expensive to operate. Having employees work remote helps to lower company costs across the board. For the small business owner unable to compete with big corporations, it gives them a way to retain valuable employees. The younger workforce is comfortable with programs and technology. Having the option to work from anywhere attracts more applicants. 

Living in the Community

People who have lengthy commutes weekly don’t become involved in their community. They just don’t have the time. They’re gone prior to daybreak and often return as the sun sets. Working from home eliminates the need for travel, giving you more time to take notice of your neighbors and events in the community. Apps like Nextdoor offer a way to access this information easily. Preventative measures make racism on Nextdoor a non-issue. It’s a fun and valuable tool especially beneficial during these challenging times. 

The Family Bond

One of the biggest benefits of working from home is the ability to spend more time with your family. If you have children, you can see them off to school, attend after school functions and become involved in their education and daily lives. You no longer waste time traveling to and from the office. You can eat meals together and plan activities bringing your family closer together. 

Less Expensive

Working from home saves you money. The daily commute can cost you dearly. You spend money on gas, and need to maintain your vehicle. It also suffers less wear and tear, allowing you to keep it longer. The office wardrobe is no longer necessary, in some cases, saving you thousands on clothing in a single year. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are a few steps away, eliminating monthly spending on coffee, snacks and lunch out. You also reduce the risk of an accident avoiding rush hour traffic. 

Freedom to Work from Virtually Anywhere

Working remotely also allows you to enjoy life to its fullest. If you want to see your extended family in another state or another country, you can. Just pack your trusty computer and office supplies and connect to the internet at your destination. If you plan to move in the future, there’s no need to look for another job, unless of course you choose to. If the cost of living increases in your present location, you can move to a new place and enjoy an increase in revenue without the need for a raise. At home, you can finally attend to those chores you put off, like painting the house, cutting back trees and vegetation, and fixing the front steps.  

No Co-Workers

Not everyone is a social butterfly and for those who aren’t, working from home gives you peace of mind. You no longer endure the office gossip or sudden interruptions. You can work in a quiet space that you create. As such, many people find they improve focus and productivity

Remote working is becoming the new normal for many who just a year ago commuted to work. 



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